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Fysiologföreningen presenterar: Professor Mark P. Mattson, "Metabolic Challenge – Recovery Cycles, Hormesis and Brain Health"

2015-06-2515:00 Hillarpsalen, Retzius väg 8Campus Solna

Professor Mark P. Mattson, Ph.D.

Chief, Laboratory of Neurosciences, National Institute of Aging, and Professor of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Although the human brain is exceptional in size and information processing capabilities, it is similar to other mammals with regard to the factors that promote its optimal performance. Three such factors are the challenges of physical exercise, food deprivation/fasting, and social/intellectual engagement. Because it evolved, in part, for success in seeking and acquiring food, the brain functions best when the individual is hungry and physically active, as typified by the hungry lion stalking and chasing its prey. Indeed, studies of animal models and human subjects demonstrate robust beneficial effects of regular exercise and intermittent energy restriction/fasting on cognitive function and mood, particularly in the contexts of aging and associated neurodegenerative disorders.

Host: Lennart Brodin

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Contact person: Barbara Canlon