Konferenser och symposier

Concert in Honour of Georg och Eva Klein

2015-06-1617:00 aula medica, Solna CampusCampus Solna
Georg och Eva Klein

Georg och Eva Klein

The Symposium in honour Georg and Eva Klein 17 -18 June 2015 starts with a concert and welcome gathering in Aula Medica on the late afternoon of June 16 at 18.00. This event will be open to all at Karolinska Institutet, but please register below.

The evening features international artists and popular science lectures (please see below for details) is free of charge and goes on until 21.30.

There wlll be a break in the middle with refreshments.

Donations to The Georg and Eva Klein Foundation

Please pay minimum 50 SEK to GEKS foundation as a donation, you can do this online here:

Make a donation to the Georg and Eva Klein foundation

Featured Musical Artists

  • Barbara Hendricks (Soprano) and Magnus Lindgren (Saxophone)
  • Fredrik Ullén (Piano)
  • Miriam Klein Strandberg (Harp)

Featured Popular Science Lecturers

  • Svante Pääbo
  • Per Magnus Johansson


Contact person: Ingemar Ernberg