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IMM Seminar: Towards tomorrow’s research about work-related musculoskeletal disorders

2017-10-1809:30 till 11:30 Torsplan, Solnavägen 4, 10th floor, room ThorCampus Solna

Professor Laura Punnett, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA


1. Experiences from intervention studies on work-related musculoskeletal disorders among health care workers. Lessons to learn for future studies.

Prof Laura Punnett

2. To measure or not to measure - that is one of the questions. The next is how to use the results.

Open discussion with prof Laura Punnett

Introduction: Prof Mikael Forsman and assoc prof Allan Toomingas (Karolinska institutet and CAMM)

Cheap easy-to-use instruments for individual measurements of biomechanical and other exposures have become available. How can such data be used (interpreted and applied) in occupational health studies and practice? In risk estimations, preventive work, adjusting the work technique, rehabilitation or else?

3. Concluding remarks

Prof Laura Punnett


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