Föreläsningar och seminarier

IMM Seminar in Epidemiology: Longitudinal data and survival data are two of a kind

2015-05-0614:00 till 15:00 Blå hallen, IMM, Nobels väg 13Campus Solna

Professor Matteo Bottai, Sc.D
Unit of Biostatistics, IMM

Host: Jennifer Protudjer, Unit of Environmental Epidemiology, IMM


Biomedical research often addresses questions like “are some group individuals at high risk of myocardial infarction?” or “how does some variable change over time?”. Questions like these involve analyzing outcomes through time. Generally, data that arise from measuring individuals repeatedly through time are called “longitudinal data”, while data on length of time to an event are called “survival data”. Longitudinal data and survival data are traditionally covered in separate statistical courses. This talk shows that these two types of data are one of a kind and describes a series of real-data examples that use popular statistical methods, such as linear, logistic, Cox, and mixed effects regression. The talk is meant for those interested in furthering understanding about the underpinnings of these methods.

Contact person: Jennifer Protudjer