Konferenser och symposier

Human biomonitoring as a tool in policy making towards consumer safety

2014-05-2209:00 till 2014-05-2316:30 Stockholm City Conference CentreAnnan

You are cordially invited to attend a two day seminar on human biomonitoring (HBM).

The seminar is directed to professionals involved in HBM programs, legislators or other policy-makers, risk assessors as well as researchers from universities and other higher educational institutions.

The seminar is organized by the Swedish National Food Agency in cooperation with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the Unit for Nutrition Research/University of Iceland, and Karolinska Institute, Sweden. The seminar is inancially supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

Invitation to seminar on human biomonitoring with more information

To register please send an e-mail to Natalia.Kotova@slv.se not later than May 18.