Föreläsningar och seminarier

Environmental Factors and Health seminar

2015-10-1415:00 till 16:00 Orreniussalen, 4th floor, Nobels väg 13Campus Solna

Seminars organised by the doctoral programme Environmental Factors and Health.


Florencia Harari - Maternal and fetal health in relation to lithium in drinking water

Metals can naturally occur in drinking water sources, exposing the general population to concentrations that might be harmful. Lithium is one of these metals but the data on lithium concentrations in drinking water sources worldwide is still scarce and so is the knowledge on its potential health effects. Pregnancy is a susceptible window of exposure, and thus, exposure to lithium in this period could have detrimental consequences for the mother and the fetus.

Kadri Valter - Involvement of MycN in neuroblastoma cell death regulation

Cancer therapy could be improved by targeting energy producing metabolic pathways. Mitochondrial targeting, causing mitochondrial destabilization and release of pro-apoptotic factors, represents a promising strategy in tumor cell elimination.

Carolina Vogs - Toxicokinetic processes in the zebrafish embryo

Zebrafish embryos represent an attractive model for toxicity assessment and the indication of possible adverse effects where ambient exposure concentration is typically applied to quantify the toxic potential of xenobiotic substances. Variability in toxicity data due to exposure and organism-related differences in bioconcentration, can be minimized by using the internal organism concentration. Therefore, the relationship between ambient and internal concentration–time profiles was investigated and discussed for zebrafish embryos.