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CfA Theme Seminar: Quality of life and socioeconomics of food allergy – results from the FOODHE study

2015-11-1715:30 till 17:15 Hillarp Lecture Hall, Retzius väg 8, KI Campus SolnaCampus SolnaCentrum för allergiforskning

Welcome to the CfA theme seminar on socioeconomics and quality of life in food allergy. Moderator: Prof. Staffan Ahlstedt. Speakers: Caroline Nilsson, Jennifer Protudjer, Sven-Arne Jansson and Lennart Nilsson. Coffee/tea from 15:00.


Moderator: Prof. Staffan Ahlstedt, The Centre for Allergy Research, Karolinska Institutet

15:00 Coffee/tea

15:30 Welcome     

Staffan Ahlstedt, Professor, The Centre for Allergy Research, Karolinska Institutet

15:35 Food allergy, the clinical problem       

Caroline Nilsson, Paediatrician, Associate Professor, Sachs’ Children and Youth Hospital and Dept. of Clinical Science and Education, Södersjukhuset, Karolinska Institutet

15:55 Socioeconomics in staple food allergy – results from the FOODHE study

Sven-Arne Jansson, PhD, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Umeå University

16:15 Quality of life in staple food allergy – results from the FOODHE study

Jennifer Protudjer, PhD, Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet

16:35 Food allergy specific quality of life questionnaires as a tool in clinical practice

Lennart Nilsson, Associate Professor, Allergy Centre, Linköping University

16:50 General discussion on future needs and perspectives

Moderator Staffan Ahlstedt

17:15 End

Background to the FOODHE study

Food allergy is a common problem worldwide and affects a substantial part of the population. Currently, it is estimated that 1-2% of adults and 5-8% of children have doctor-diagnosed food allergy in western Europe, but as many as 30% of the publication experience any kind of food insensitivity. Food allergy has a significant impact on the daily life of those who suffer from it, as food is such a central aspect of social life, and it has been shown to significantly decrease the quality of life among those that are affected.

The cost of food allergy, both for individuals, households and for society are thought to be substantial. However, so far only very few studies have been carried out in this area, and none in Sweden. The Centre for Allergy Research therefore initiated the Health Economics of Food Allergy (FOODHE) project, in order to study the cost and quality of life of food allergy in Sweden.

More about the FOODHE study can be found here

Contact person: Roelinde Middelveld