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CfA seminar "Variability in human mast cell function associated with defined clinical phenotypes"

2014-11-0615:30 till 16:30 Atrium, Nobels väg 12B, KI Campus SolnaCampus SolnaCentrum för allergiforskning

Dr. Dean Metcalfe, Head of the Laboratory of Allergic Diseases, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda MD, USA

Coffee is served 15:00. Welcome!

About Dean Metcalfe

Dr. Metcalfe is a world leading scientist, particularly in the field of mast cell biology and mast cell functions related to human disease. He has published more than 500 scientific papers, including several seminal publications.

Some of his most recent publications include:

Mastocytosis associated with a rare germline KIT K509I mutation displays a well-differentiated mast cell phenotype.
Chan EC, Bai Y, Kirshenbaum AS, Fischer ER, Simakova O, Bandara G, Scott LM, Wisch LB, Cantave D, Carter MC, Lewis JC, Noel P, Maric I, Gilfillan AM, Metcalfe DD, Wilson TM. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2014 Jul;134(1):178-87.

A truncated splice-variant of the FcεRIβ receptor subunit is critical for microtubule formation and degranulation in mast cells.
Cruse G, Beaven MA, Ashmole I, Bradding P, Gilfillan AM, Metcalfe DD. Immunity. 2013 May 23;38(5):906-17

Knockout of the Trpc1 gene reveals that TRPC1 can promote recovery from anaphylaxis by negatively regulating mast cell TNF-α production.
Medic N, Desai A, Olivera A, Abramowitz J, Birnbaumer L, Beaven MA, Gilfillan AM, Metcalfe DD. Cell Calcium. 2013 May-Jun;53(5-6):315-26.

Cold urticaria, immunodeficiency, and autoimmunity related to PLCG2 deletions.
Ombrello MJ,et al. N Engl J Med. 2012 Jan 26;366(4):330-8.


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