Konferenser och symposier

20th Annual Scientific Research Meeting at Mayo Clinic

2014-09-1108:00 till 2014-09-1218:00 Mayo Clinic, Rochester MNAnnan

Karolinska Institutet and Mayo Clinic are celebrating its 20-year partnership in collaborative research, education and innovation.

The intent of this meeting is to promote collaboration and active exchanges between Mayo Clinic and Karolinska Institutet and to highlight and display existing collaborative excellence between colleagues.

This year, the 20th Annual Mayo Clinic-Karolinska Institutet Conference will be held in Rochester on September 11-12, 2014. If you are interested in the conference please contact Pernilla Witte, pernilla.witte@ki.se , Ulrika Widegren ulrika.widegren@ki.se or Martin Schalling, martin.schalling@ki.se meeting coordinators from KI.

Please register here latest by August 17, 2014.

Preliminary Conference Agenda (Please note that minor changes might occur).

Are you looking for a Mayo Clinic collaborator? In this year’s agenda there will be the possibility to announce your interest under the headline “KI researchers seeking Mayo Clinic collaborators” . If you are interested, please contact Jaci Gosse or Martin Schalling as soon as possible. Information needed are: name, scientific interest and email address, please see enclosed agenda for “Mayo Clinic researchers seeking Karolinska Institutet collaborators”.


Highlights of the two-day event include:

  • Keynote speaker Dr. Thomas Helleday (Karolinska Institutet), who pioneered a novel way of treating cancer using PARP inhibitors in BRCA mutated cancer
  • Dr. Veronique Roger (Mayo Clinic), Director, Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery
  • Information on international joint grant applications and funding opportunities
  • The David H. Murdock Lecture, Selective Autophagy: Metabolism and Proteostasis Meet in the Lysosome, by Dr. Ana Maria Cuervo, Institute for Aging Research, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • A conversation with Dr. John Noseworthy, CEO and President, Mayo Clinic and Dr. Anders Hamsten, President, Karolinska Institutet 
  • Friday Grand Rounds presentation by Dr. Anders Ekbom, one of Karolinska Institutet’s leading epidemiologists
  • An Innovation Breakfast featuring leaders from both institutions
  • A poster reception to encourage networking and open discussions

Theme-Related Breakout Sessions: September 11-12, 2014 

Area Session Chair (Mayo) Session Chair (KI)
Diabetes and Metabolism

Dr. Adrian Vella

Dr. Sree Nair

Dr. Juleen Zierath

Dr. Olav Rooyackers
Cancer Dr. Dev Mukhopadhyay

Dr. Ingemar Ernberg

Dr. Bengt Fadeel
Neurodegeneration Dr. Len Petrucelli Dr. Agneta Nordberg
Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Tony Windebank

Dr. Andre van Wijnen

Dr. Karl-Henrik Grinnemo

Dr. Urban Lendahl
Psychology and Psychiatry Dr. Mark Frye Dr. Martin Schalling
Education Dr. Jim Maher Dr. Anders Gustafsson
Innovation Ms. Julie Henry Dr. Lilian Wikström
Cardiovascular diseases Dr. Amir Lerman

Dr. Ewa Ehrenborg

Dr. Per Eriksson

Mr. David Moertel

Dr. Björn Kull
Autoimmune Disorders Dr. Timothy Niewold Dr. Ingrid Lundberg

Value Based Health Care/Science of Health Care Delivery

Dr. Jay Talwalkar Dr. Martin Ingvar
Infectious Diseases Dr. Nathan Cummins Dr. Anna Norrby-Teglund

Pre-Conference Metabolomics Workshop September 8-10 (note: there is a fee associated)

Mayo Clinic will host a Metabolomics Symposium from Sept. 8 through Sept. 10, 2014, in Rochester, Minn. The event features presentations on the practice and theory of metabolomics applications, latest research in metabolomics, tours and networking opportunities, and a poster session (cash awards will be given for excellence). The workshop is open to beginner and established researchers, students, and postdoctoral fellows.
Register here