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Planerade, pågående och avslutade kliniska prövningar inom centret.

NR Titel PI Status Antal patienter
1 El-porCEA: Assessment of safety and immunogenicity of intradermal electroporation of tetwtCEA DNA in patients with colorectal cancer ML/AÖ Start 2 Kv 2009 20
2 Phase I/II study of gemcitabine and lenalidomide as first-line treatment in subjects with locally advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer ML/AÖ Start 3 Kv 2009 30
3 HGG-Immuno Immune modulation with autologous DC in high-grade Glioma at diagnosis and relapse HM/MH Start 3 Kv 2009 Barn 5 Vuxna 20
4 Phases III GCP RCT malignant melanoma with sentinel node derived T lymphocytes OW Start 3 Kv 2009 90
5 Phase I/II Placebo controlled tailored leukapheresis for inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) OW Start 3 Kv 2009 25
6 Combined treatment with Autologous Dendritic cells and T cells in patients with advanced Melanoma GM/RK Start 4 Kv 2009 10
7 Phases III GCP RCT colon cancer stage II with sentinel node derived T lymphocytes OW Start 1 Kv 2010 140
8 Phase I observation study IBD using regulatory T cells OW Start 1 Kv 2010 15
9 A Phase I/II Clinical Trial of the engraftment and efficacy of adoptive Natural Killer Cell-based immunotherapy for high-risk myeloid diseases KJM Start 1 Kv 2010 12
10 Plasmid DNA immunisation targeting carcinoembryonic antigen in colorectal cancer patients. A phase I study JEF/HM Rekryterar 9/10
11 Immunization of CLL patients with dendritic cells loaded with autologous leukemic cells alone, with GM-CSF or with GM-CSF and low dose 
cyclophosphamide –A phase I-II study 
HM Rekryterar 15/20
12 International multicenter trial of ofatumumab (HuMaxCD20) in CLL patients who have failed purine analog based therapy (together with 
Rekryterar 130/200
13 Phase I-II trial of lenalidomide + alemtuzumab in chemotherapy-refractory CLL patients JL/AÖ Rekryterar 7/15
14 Pilot study of alemtuzumab (anti-CD52 mAb) in refractory Waldenstrom´s macroglobulinemia (WM) Rekryterar 4/15
15 A randomized phase II study with Stimuvax (BLP25 anti-MUC1 liposome vaccine) in asymptomatic patients with multiple myeloma HM Rekryterar 22/30
16 Phase I observation trial of invasive urinary bladder cancer stage with sentinel node derived T lymphocytes OW Rekryterar 12/16
17 Phase I observation trial malignant melanoma with sentinel node derived T lymphocytes OW Rekryterar 10/17
18 Phase II GCP trial colon cancer stage IV with sentinel node derived T lymphocytes OW Rekryterar 41/70
19 Vaccine immunization with nucleic acid coding for the gene HER-2/neu together with low doses GM-CSF (Leucomax*) and IL-2 (Proleukin*) as 
adjuvant in patients with metastatic breast carcinoma
RK/JB Avslutad 8
20 Vaccination of metastatic malignant melanoma patients With Mage-A4(10:230), gp100(9:209-2M) and NY-ESO-1(157165V) peptides combined with rIL-2 (Proleukin) and GM-CSF (Leucomax) as an adjuvant treatment. A pilot study GM/RK Avslutad 9
21 Immunological responses during vaccine treatment with telomerase and gemcitabine in patients with advanced unresectable pancreatic cancer HM Avslutad 10
22 Combination of immunotherapy and chemotherapy in patients with non-resectable pancreatic cancer HM Avslutad 18
23 Phase I observation trial colon cancer stage IV with sentinel node derived T lymphocytes OW Avslutad 16

PI, principal investigator; KV, kvartal; ML, Maria Liljefors; AÖ, Anders Österborg; HM, Håkan Mellstedt; MH, Mona Hansson; KJM, Karl-Johan Malmberg; JEF, Jan-Erik Frödin; JL, Jeanette Lundin; OW, Ola Winqvist; RK, Rolf Kiessling; GM, Giuseppe Masucci; JB, Jonas Bergh