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StratCan Yammer group

The aim of the StratCan Yammer group is to reach the cancer research community at KI that is spread out on two campuses and several departments. To provide you with news of varying kind and allow you to give input and to engage in discussions concerning cancer research at KI.

What is Yammer?

Yammer is a private social network used by KI. Yammer is used at KI to share files, discuss projects, and get work done faster.

Who can join and why should you?

The StratCan Yammer group is a closed group that invites the whole cancer research community to join to engage in discussions, give input and receive news relevant to the cancer researchers at KI. The group allows you to take part in discussions relevant to your research area and stay up to date with upcoming events. It allows sharing interesting information easily without always filling your e-mail inbox.. It is then up to you how often you want to log in, if you want the app on your phone, if you want pop ups etc or not. Please, spread the news so that the group grows and really does reach all interested!

How do I join?

Join in two simple steps:

  • Step 1: Join Yammer (extremely fast and easy) at:
  • Step 2: Ask to join the closed StratCan group (you will be accepted shortly).

Should the StratCan group not be visible directly search for it by typing "StratCan".

Other useful info

  • On the lefthand side you will then see a list of groups that you are part of and can choose to follow “StratCan” instead of “All Company”.
  • You can download the App to your phone and other devises if you wish.
  • The StratCan group was activated in August 2015 so give it some time to generate content.
  • Should you have any questions, please contact