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StratCan Grants Support

StratCan awards research grants/ positions in several categories to promote excellent young researchers, clinical research, innovative research and joint international research projects.

Grants open for application

Currently there are no grants open for application.

Grants undergoing review

The following grant categories have recently been open for application and are currently being reviewed. Applicants will, when relevant, be notified by e-mail regarding selection for external review. All applicants will immediately be notified of the outcome once decisions have been made, and information on the selected projects will also be available on these pages.

Grants awarded

The first StratCan Senior Research Fellow positions have been awarded to Johan Holmberg and Ola Larsson, congratulations!

The different StratCan grant categories, including funded projects, are described on their respective pages. Also please see the comprehensive list of StratCan grants awarded 2011-2014.