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Jussi Taipale awarded Grant for Distinguished Professors

StratCan researcher Jussi Taipale has been appointed Distinguished Professor by the Swedish Research Council.

About the Grant

The Grant for Distinguished Professors (Rådsprofessur) has been appointed by the Swedish Research Council for the first time. A total of 9 grants have been appointed from 301 applicants. Each grant is 5 million SEK per year for 10 years. For more information we refer to the Swedish Research Council.

Sven Stafström, Acting Director General of the Swedish Research Council, views this effort as part of the ambition to give the leading researchers in Sweden the best possible terms to strengthen Sweden's competitiveness.

- This grants supports research of the highest quality and is therefore fully in line with the Swedish Research Council's main task. The aim is that these grants will provide the most prominent researchers with the ability to concentrate on their research. They are to be given prerequisites for long-term planning and risktaking - and creating pioneering research results, says Sven Stafström.

The Taipale group

The main expertise of the Taipale group is high-throughput screening using cDNA and RNA interference, computational and experimental methods to identify causative regulatory mutations in non-protein coding DNA and to analyze genetic networks. In addition, Taipale group has extensive expertise on mouse models of gene and regulatory region function.

Further information about the research group is available on the Taipale Lab homepage