Your response is important– Employee Survey 2017

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How many members of your department have responded to the survey? You can now follow the level of response throughout KI and see how your department is doing in relation to others.

The more responses we receive, the more reliable the results. It is therefore important that as many people as possible complete the Employee Survey 2017.

Together, we make KI stronger

Irrespective of whether or not you are satisfied with a given area, your response is still important. The Employee Survey provides KI’s management and departmental heads with a picture, both of what is functioning well and where development is required. Together, we can strengthen and develop these areas. Among other things, the Employee Survey will act as the point of departure for Strategy 2030, in which a great deal of emphasis will be placed on sustainable leadership. Send your completed survey as soon as possible and contribute to a stronger KI!
















For a larger image, click on the document Staff Survey response frequency 29.09.2017.