Work-related travels at Neuro

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Useful  information before, during and after your work-related travels.

Travel order

When going abroad for a conference or other work-related travels, it is important that you have a travel order completed and approved by your immediate supervisor.

Travel claims must be registered no later than three months after the trip has been taken.

You also need to bring a business travel insurance card when travelling abroad.

Please see terms and conditions for travel insurance at Kammarkollegiet.

Bring this information with you when you travel so that you know what is applicable in the event of injury or damages.

European Health insurance card

When traveling to EU/EEA countries, bring your European health insurance card with you.

Order the European Health Insurance Card at Försäkringskassan

Travel booking

When choosing a means of transportation you are to choose the companies with which purchase agreements are in place and take environmental aspects into consideration.

You should travel by train rather than by air in many instances and you should always use public transportation where possible.

More informatoin about travel booking at KI is available on the Staff portal.

Travel and expenses

A business trip is taken for the purposes of your work. It must be planned in consultation with your manager.

An expense is a cost incurred during your business trip. You obtain remuneration by submitting a travel claim.

Information about work-related travel expenses is available on the Staff portal.

Travel and expenses routines

Routines for travels and expenses

The following is a general description of how travel bookings, travel expenses and other expenses are registered, both for those who have access to the PA-web (employees) and for those who do not (scholarship holders and associates).

Please note that fully completed and signed travel orders and expenses forms need to be sent in to the Administration, both electronic through the PA-web and in paper form, in order for the Administration to review them for approval and reimbursement. Once logged in to the PA-web start page, you will find reference manuals describing how the documentation is filled in.

Travels and expenses incurred during the trip

Prior to booking your trip, you need to register a travel order in the PA-web. This travel order then needs to be printed, signed by the traveler and be certified by his or her PI before being sent in to the Administration. Please make sure to fill in the purpose of your trip, and to enclose an invitation to the meeting or corresponding to which the business trip refers.

Once the Administration has reviewed and approved the travel order, you are covered with a travel insurance on your trip. However, please note that this insurance is only valid if you have booked your travel through BCD Travel and bring an insurance card on your travel.

More information about insurances is available on the Staff portal.

After being reviewed and approved, the travel order will bounce back to the traveler in the PA-web, now presented as an expenses form. This form is then used after your return for claiming compensation for expenses incurred during the trip and subsistence allowance. Please make sure to enclose original receipts for your expenses, to have them approved and reimbursed.

Other expenses

Please register reimbursement claims for expenses not connected to a travel in the “Expenses and car allowance” form in the PA-web. Then send it to the Administration, along with original receipts and also a meeting invitation in case your expenses refers to a business meeting or corresponding, to have it approved and reimbursed.

Are you a scholarship holder or an associate, having no access to the PA-web?

If you are about to travel, you need to fill in a manual travel order. This form needs to be signed by the traveler and certified by his or her PI before being sent in to the Administration.

If you wish to claim reimbursement for expenses, please contact the department’s accountants.