Work environment in Biomedicum

Working together in a building like Biomedicum requires that everyone follows and respects common work environment rules and guidelines.

The work environment group will handle health and safety issues in a systematic way and the aim is to promote a healthy work environment and preventing illness.

The group consists of representatives from the five departments in Biomedicum and coming from various fields;  employees, safety officers, administrative personnel, students and other.

We will initially focus on harmonizing the work environment in the new building,  but our role is also:

  • to inform about and educate in work environment
  • to initiate and implement annual safety inspections
  • to handle and follow up incidents and accidents related to the physical work environment
  • to follow up issues related to the psychosocial work environment in close contact with HR
  • to initiate improvements in laboratory safety for example waste handling
  • to participate in the planning of new (or changes in) premises and work flows (methods and processes)

Systematic work environment is about how to recognize and take into account all the circumstances of the work environment that may affect employees' health and safety in the daily work. 

The systematic work flow for questions regarding work environment is like following:

Investigate -> Risk assess -> Action plan -> Follow up

systematic work flow illustration