Wordpress site

If the site is a part of KI - ie research, education, administration - the information will be presented within the framework of ki.se.

If what is to be presented is a collaboration with another party where KI is the main sender, but where the site needs to be more neutral in its design, there is the possibility of using KI's Wordpress installation. Typical examples of this kind of site are centres, conferences or projects coordinated by KI.

We also provide templates for blogs through the Wordpress installation. 


Apply for a wordpress site

Choose type of site. Conference =conference.ki.se/xxx Blog = blog.ki.se/xxx Site = xxx.ki.se
Desired name of the site. No å, ä, ö or capital letters, nor space or special characters other than _ (underscore).
Describe the purpose of the site.
Which is the target group of the site?
If you apply for a site - please enter the collaborators you will work with.
The person (s) who will work with the site.