Wireless networks on Campus

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You can connect to Wi-Fi from several locations at Karolinska Institutet's campuses.

The wireless networks available at KI campuses Solna and Flemingsberg are called Eduroam and ki.se (SSID).

Eduroam is an open network which is not linked to KI's internal network. Via Eduroam you can connect to other colleges and universities in Sweden and Europe.

If you wish to access services on the internal network you need to use VPN.

Connect via Eduroam

Eduroam is a collaboration between universities all over the world with the purpose to ease the use of wireless network when visiting each other.

To use Eduroam you need a user account from an affiliated university.

You will find instructions on how to install and connect to Eduroam in the manuals below.

Install Eduroam on your computer (PC or Mac) from the portal https://cat.eduroam.org/. On your mobile phone you will need to make a few additional settings.

Once you have downloaded and installed Eduroam, you will be connected automatically each time you are in an Eduroam-network area. Remember to always use the settings for Karolinska Institutet, even when you are using Eduroam outside of campus.

Note! Whenever you do your mandatory password regulations, remember to insert your new password in order to get access to Eduroam.

Connect via ki.se

Before you connect to the wireless network, make sure that your computer’s software and antivirus is up to date.

Connect to ki.se (SSID)

  1. Connect your computer to the wireless network with the SSID: ki.se.
  2. Open a web browser. You will be re-directed to an authentication page. Enter your KI-ID.


KI-Staff is a wireless network which everyone with a KI computer (a computer that is integrated in the KI AD domain) have access to. The network will automatically start when you want to surf wireless and do not require a login. The network is available in the buildings 95:08, BioMed, KM-B and Neo.

Wireless guest networks at KI Campus

At KI campuses in Solna and Huddinge there is a wireless (wifi) guest network, which visitors and guests to conferences and seminars can use. The guest network can be accessed at the same locations as KI’s own wireless network Eduroam.

To receive login details for the guest network, please contact the reception in Aula Medica at 08-524 866 00 or reception@ki.se or your local IT coordinator.

For technical support or error reports, please contact it-support@ki.se.

KI staff, students, and guests from affiliated universities, connected to Eduroam, are advised to continue to use Eduroam, see below for more information.

Guest login

Temporary guest and conference logins are no longer issued. They have been replaced by the guest network on our campuses mentioned above.


If you encounter any problems, please contact it-support@ki.se.