Water leak in BioClinicum

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On Saturday evening there was an extensive water leak in the County Council’s research building called BioClinicum. The reason was that an ice machine in a laboratory on Floor 7 (in building U230) started to leak. Large quantities of water ran out over the floor on Floor 7 and also spread to lower floors.

The property managers have taken emergency measures to deal with the consequences of the water leak. A clean-up company was called in on Saturday evening. Water has been sucked up on all floors and dehumidifiers have been set out. Electrical faults have occurred as a result of the leak, so some parts of the building do not have electricity. A number of lifts have been closed on account of this. Research equipment, refrigerators and freezers have been checked and are connected to electricity. Work is under way to chart the scope of the damage and take further essential measures.

There are KI staff who work in BioClinicum and who may therefore be affected by the accident. The information communicated so far by the County Council is that access to Floors 6 and 7 will be limited for a period of time. Research groups affected will be kept up to date by email. No healthcare is conducted in the premises affected. Karolinska University Hospital will update this information in due course, by email and on the hospital intranet.