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KI Cloud is a cloud-based file synchronizing service "share and sync" where all data is stored and backed up in KI's central IT Department's data center.

With KI Cloud, you can synchronize files between the computer, mobile phone and tablets, as well as share files with colleagues both inside and outside KI. The service automatically synchronizes data saved on the hard drive. KI Cloud is based on a third-party solution; ownCloud.

Please contact IT-support if you do not have KI Cloud installed and would like to start using the service.

To use KI Cloud

Please note. This manual applies for PC.

Open the ownCloud folder on your computer

Once you have installed the client, the ownCloud folder will be visible in Windows Explorer.

Whenever you add photos or documents to the folder they will also be visble in your web browser when you sign in. The little green dots appearing next to the the folders mean that the synchronization has been successful.

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Open the ownCloud client

This is what it looks like when you open the ownCloud client on your computer. You can adjust settings for OwnCloud whenever needed. Server activity on earlier events can also be seen here.

Manual OwnCloud

Open ownCloud in your browser

This is what it looks like when you have signed in to ownCloud in your web browser. This is your "home environment".

Manual OwnCloud

Share files inside and outside of KI

Share files internally (within KI)

In your browser you can share photos and documents with others. Below you will learn how to share an image both within KI, to a user with KI-mail, and outside of KI.

1. Start by logging in to your web browser. 

2. Press the + sign and select "upload" from the list that pops up.

Manual OwnCloud

3. Select a picture to be uploaded (in this example a koala)

Please note. You can save the picture in the ownCloud folder in Windows Explorer and it will sync automatically and appear in the web version of ownCloud.  

The picture below shows how the Koala has synced to the ownCloud folder.

Manual OwnCloud

4. Once you have added the image it will appear in your "home environment". Please note that on the right side of the image's name, there is an icon for sharing.

Manual OwnCloud

5. If you press the Share-button, the image will appear on the right hand side of the file list.

Manual OwnCloud

6. You can share your image with a recipient by filling in his/her first and last name. Enter the recipient’s name in the box "Share with users, groups or remote users ...". A list of names will automatically appear below the box. Choose your recipient’s name.

Manual OwnCloud

7. Once you have chosen whom you want to share the picture with, tick the "share link" box. You can choose a password (optional) to be shared with the recipient.

Please note! You can share the image without a password, both inside and outside of KI.

Manual OwnCloud

8. The next step is to share the link with the recipient so that they can log on and see the picture. 

You can choose an expiration date for the link, so the user only can access it for a limited time.

Manual KI Cloud

9. Once you have pressed "Send" an email will be sent to the recipient you have chosen to share the file with. This is what the e-mail will look like:

Manual KI Cloud

10. When the receiver presses "View it!" link, the following page will open. The recipient will be asked to log in with the password you have shared with him/her if you have chosen to share your image/file with this option.

Manual KI Cloud

11. You have now shared your file and the user can download the image or add it to his/her own OwnCloud.

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Share files outside KI

If you wish to share files outside KI, you proceed in the same manner as if you were sharing it within KI. The only difference is that you enter an email address that is not a KI e-mail address. For example: fö

The user will get a similar e-mail as for the recipient within KI, and will have the same ability to see the image in the browser, with or without password login. 

This applies even if the recipient outside KI does not have ownCloud installed on their computer.

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If you have any questions, please contact IT-support via or 08-524 822 22.