Translation services

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Karolinska Institutet does not currently have any frame agreement for suppliers of language and translation services. We would like to refer you to the Public framework agreements when purchasing these services.

Public framework agreements for translation services

The public framework agreements for language and translation services can be found at (only available in Swedish). The agreements include services for Swedish, English and other languages. 

How to use the public framework agreements.

A few tips when requesting a translation

When you order a translation, in addition to specifying the language and the format in which the text is to be delivered in, we recommend you to include as much information as possible, for instance:

  • Intended target group for the text
  • Style/tone of the text. Should it be casual, clear, easy-to-read?
  • Should the translation strictly follow the source text, or does the translator have more freedom adapt the language, as long as the information is maintained?
  • Include any reference material that can be useful for the translator