Training in Salary review trough dialog related to manager responsibilities

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Invitation to you who will be conducting salary review through dialog between manager and employee at Karolinska Institutet.


The purpose of the course is to gain an understanding of salary review criteria and the salary review process at Karolinska Institutet and increase your ability to provide clear feedback in the performance dialog  process.

Target group

The course is for people in a managerial/leadership role, both within the research/education and administrative organisations and who will be conducting salary review by dialog at Karolinska Institutet.


Interactive theatre is an enjoyable and focused work method where the participants train the kind of dialog situations that managers have to face ahead of the annual salary reviews with their employees. 

Course structure

The course begins with an introductory and theoretical part centred around Karolinska Institutet’s salary setting guidelines. This is followed by training with actors in small groups where the actors play the parts of employees in different salary dialog situations (cases). The observers among the participants learn by watching and experiencing the dynamics of the dialogs, what works and what does not work. Watching a dialog as a performance clarifies and generates insights that would otherwise be lost. The observers are asked to formulate their experiences and put into words the chain of events that unfold during each dialog. The ‘manager’ in the exercise is asked to reflect on and put his/her experience into words. The actors give their feedback on the dialog: how they experienced it, what opened it up, what brought it to a standstill, etc. 


The course is executed and arranged by the Human Resources Office at Karolinska Institutet in cooperation with Solvere. Solvere is a training company that uses interactive methods oriented towards communication and interaction between people. Solvere provides customised performances/concepts in a range of themes.

Course dates and application

Spring 2019

Planning in progress.

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