Training in Risk assessment in the Systematic Work Environment Management, related to manager responsibilities

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Invitation to a deepening half day training in connection to the basic work environment courses for managers and the basic work environment training for safety representatives etc.

We encourage more than one participant from the same group/division/unit etc.!


To receive a deeper knowledge on when and how risk assessments shall be conducted in order to handle risks as a natural part of a systematic work environment management.


Risk assessments – important terms and definitions. Risk assessment methodology incl. demands on documentation. MTO-perspective (risk sources connected to Man/human, Technology and Organization). Blended learning with short theoretical lectures and several group tasks/trainings.

Questions to be answered:

  • Why and when do we have to conduct risk assessments? “Is it not enough just to talk to each other about risks at work?”
  • Who is responsible and who shall participate/collaborate in risk assessments?
  • “We have conducted a risk assessment – what happens next?”

Target group

All managers with delegated/allocated work environment tasks that have participated in the basic training on Work environment issues related to managers responsibilities: Module 1 – Systematic work environment management. Safety representatives, members of KI Work Environment Groups, HR-consultants and others who shall take part in risk assessments are also welcome to this training, but the prerequisite is that they have participated in the Basic Work Environment Training, KI.

Nota bene. Advanced risk assessments for laboratory work is not a part of this training. For more information, please contact Security and Environment Unit.

Course leader/contact: 

Margareta Bratt Carlström, HR consultant, ph. +46 8 524 879 78. 


Kursdagar och ansökan


Spring 2019

Time: 10 April 2019 13.00-16.30  (the course is given in Swedish)
Venue: S 515, Alfred Nobels Allé 10, Flemingsberg 


Time:  21 May 2019 8.30-12.00 (the course is given in English)
Venue: Room 507, Nobels väg 6 Solna 

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