The new Ladok system introduced at KI in mid-November

Published 2017-05-31 15:01. Updated 2017-11-06 13:55Denna sida på svenska

The new Ladok will be implemented at Karolinska Institutet in mid-November, instead of October, as previously planned. The introduction of the system at KI is postponed for one month due to changes in the main project’s schedule for the autumn.

The main project is responsible for introducing the new Ladok system at the 38 universities that are users of the old Ladok. Managers of the main project have decided to postpone the upcoming introductions planned for the autumn, with the intention of creating a looser schedule with more resources to support each university during the introduction.

“We are pleased that the new system will be introduced at KI this year. Even though there is a slight delay in the schedule, it’s great that the main project is planning for more resources and support for each university. It shows that they understand that each university is unique and that we have different needs during the implementation” says project manager Marie Sandström Akram. “It is encouraging that there now are five universities already using the new system and soon two more before the summer”.

Most of Sweden's universities currently use Ladok and all of these will change to the new Ladok system. The new system is expected to be in operation here at Karolinska Institutet in the autumn. However, the preparation for the transition has begun and KI is already using parts of the new system. 

The new system will be implemented at KI in 13-17 November (Week 46), instead of 16-20 October (Week 42).

About the main project (project Ladok3):

The universities that are currently using Ladok own the system through a consortium. Today, 38 Universities and University Colleges as well as the Swedish National Board of Student Aid (CSN) are members of the consortium.

The consortium’s project developing the new system is called "project Ladok3" (also known as the main project).