The new Ladok-system introduced at KI

Published 2017-11-20 12:53. Updated 2017-11-21 08:40Denna sida på svenska
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From today Monday 20 November, the new Ladok-system is open for users at KI, who now may login and start working in the new web based system. During tomorrow Tuesday, the system will also open for all students at KI, undergraduate as well as doctoral students.

"The new Ladok-system is now introduced at KI. The implementation went well and according to plan. A big and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped”, says Juni Francén Engdahl, project manager for the introduction of the new system at KI.

“As of this week, Ladok-users at KI will be working in the new system. I hope you who will be using the system get the impression that it works well, but if you have any problems to find what you are looking for in the system, we are more than happy to help, says Juni Francén Engdahl.

Manuals and support for the new system

If you need support for system, you can find manuals or contact the Ladok support (page in Swedish).

E-learning course for teachers and examiners

Teachers and examiners, who will report and attest grades in the new system, can get access to the e-learning course for the new Ladok-system from the Head of Administration at your department. 


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