The IDAC project organisation and contacts

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The project organisation for the implementation of IDAC is called NIBS (the New Identity and Authorisation System) and comprises a steering committee, project managers, sub-project managers and reference groups made up of experts in the field and different levels of departmental representation.

Steering committee

The steering committee has an overview of the project’s progress and is to make sure that it achieves its goals on schedule and within budget. The group also defines and decides on major project issues and makes vital decisions on how the system is to be used at KI. It also ensures that strategic project decisions are taken by the proper groups.

The NIBS steering committee

Joakim Winter IT Director, chairman of the steering committee
Mats Engelbrektson HR Director
Marie-Louice Isacson Head of AU projects
Åsa Nandorf Deupty head of office UFS
Sebastian Zander Head of IT Architecture, Development and Integration
Eva Tegelberg Director of finance
Marith Wiedersheim-Paul Head of Support Systems

The project groups comprise a combination of IT and operational skills depending on the type of sub-project. The project groups put forward joint proposals for new processes and system adaptations tailored to the needs of KI.

The project is made up of people from around the university to give it distinct breadth. Groups of resource persons have responsibility for planning the work to be done and producing the background material required for steering committee decisions.

In parallel with the above groups, the project also works with various reference groups, the affiliation process, interfaces, definitions, employees, etc.

Project Management

Project Manager NIBS

Pernilla Hulth

Cell phone: 076-139 08 40
Organizational unit: Development

Technical Project Manager NIBS

Andreas Eriksson

Organizational unit: Development

Project Manager NIBS Affiliates

Andreas Larsson

Organizational unit: Finance Office


If you have any queries about the project or requests regarding the system or information for the IDAC web, please contact Pernilla Hulth.