The fourth allocation of faculty funded career positions (2017)

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The Board of Research has decided on the 24 recipients of the funding that has been made available for the posts of senior researcher, senior researcher (extended assistant professor) and assistant professor as part of the board’s drive to recruit leading junior researchers with particularly outstanding scientific merits and future potential.

The recipients are supposed to serve as research group leaders. 

Selected for funding as assistant professor are (in alphabetical order):

Jean Hausser

Armin Lak

Michael Landreh

Fabricio Loayza Puch

Ben Murrell

Isabel Poschke

Björn Reinius

Pete Williams

The above, who were selected from 158 qualified applicants, will receive 1.0 million SEK year over four years. 

Selected for funding as senior researcher (extension of existing assistant professorship) are (in alphabetical order):

Niklas Björkström

Jonathan Coquet

Nicola Crosetto

Fredrik Lanner

Jenny Mjösberg

Erik Norberg

Helin Norberg

Eduardo Villablanca

The above, who were selected from 20 qualified applicants, will receive 1.0 million SEK per year over two years.

Selected for funding as senior researcher are (in alphabetical order):

Samir El Andaloussi

Liv Eidsmo

Fang Fang

Anita Göndör

Marianne Farnebo

Björn Högberg

Ola Larsson

Anna Rising

The above, who were selected from 92 qualified applicants, will receive 1.2 million SEK per year over five years.

Should one of the above turn down the funding, he or she will be replaced by an applicant on respective reserve list.