The Faciltiy Management organisation

The Facility Management (FM) team is responsible for the infrastructure and service in Biomedicum, providing coordination, initiation, monitoring and performance of the shared facilities and features in the building. The Organisation will actively contribute to improve the environment for core business performance in order to achieve business goals and visions.


If you have any questions, the FM teams can be contacted via FM Helpdesk.

The Facility Management organisation

Head of unit:

Ulrik Eriksson

FM teams

There are several teams within the FM organisation, with different areas of focus.

  • Technical service – delivers liquid nitrogen to your quarter, helps out with technical issues, etc. 
  • Goods and logistics – takes care of the internal transport of all deliveries, collects waste from the quarters, etc.
  • Central lab washing – handles all used/dirty lab glass ware and provides you with clean and/or autoclaved lab glass or solution, etc.
  • Supply center and purchase coordination – provides lab supplies and assists you with larger orders or purchases
  • Work Environment, health and laboratory safety - systematically improves the different routines and processes regarding chemical handling, biosafety, etc.
  • Finance

FM Services and support in Biomedicum

A range of services and activities that will support the organisation's core business.

Technical service

> Technical support
> Local planning and property issues
> Planned maintenance
> Coordination of service of equipment and instruments
> Supervision of contractors
> Handling of liquid nitrogen
> Coordination of low temperature storage
​> In-house transport of gas tubes
> Safety related issues
> Call out service 24 hours a day (freezer alarm)

Goods & Logistics

> Goods and mail management
> Logistics in cargo reception
> Waste handling from quarters to floor 2

Central lab washing

> Collecting used lab glass ware, solutions, items and lab coats from quarters to floor 2
> Lab washing
> Sterilization/Autoclaving
> Transport of clean/sterile lab glass ware, solutions, items and lab coats to storage rooms (one per floor)

Supply center and purchase coordination

> Providing and managing an in-house supply center with lab-related products like gloves, tips, tubes and more according to KI's frame agreements
> Delivery from the in-house supply center to your quarter
> Assistance and support procurement

Work environment, health and laboratory safety

Laboratory Safety:

> Support and coordination of routines and issues related to chemical safety, biosafety, radiation safety and fire safety
> Waste Management routines

Support and coordination of the Systematic Work Environment:

> Ensuring and facilitating that laws and regulations are followed
> Support when performing safety inspections

Environment and sustainability work:

> Improvements of process to fulfill KI's environmental goals

Introduction to the building including the laboratory safety test

Support when adjusting/making changes in the premises

Quality improvements of the Facility Management organisation