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Lost or stolen mobile phone

If your mobile phone gets stolen or is lost, follow the instructions below.

During Office hours (Swedish time 8.00-16.30) from Sweden and from abroad

Contact your Telephony administrator for help with:

  • Locking SIM-card, and to obtain a new SIM-card
  • Making a police report                                                                          
  • Locking the telephone. Diary number from police report is needed.
  • Ordering a new phone if it’s necessary

If the Telephony administrator is not available

  1. Make a police report at
  2. Contact IT-support (, 08-524 822 22) for help with locking the SIM-card and the phone, and to obtain a new SIM-card. Diary number from police report is needed

After office hours, from Sweden or abroad

  1. Make a police report at
  2. Mail IT-support ( for help with locking the SIM-card and the phone, and to obtain a new SIM-card. Diary number from police report is needed
  • After office hours the lock of SIM-card and telephone is first done with the following working day
  • When blocking a SIM-card (without sending a new card) you will be able to reset the lock if you find the phone again.
  • When blocking a SIM-card (and recive a new card) you will not be able to reset the lock.
  • IMEI number is required to be able to make a police report
    Write down the IMEI number in advance. You can find your IMEI-number in one of the following ways:
    On the package of your phone
    By entering *#06# on keypad on your phone
    On iPhone you can find IMEI-number under settings > general > about phone > IMEI

Change of mobile phone

If you want to change to a new mobile there are several ways to save your contacts, pictures and other data. Below you can find a general description for iPhone and Android phones such as Samsung, HTC or Sony.


You can easily find manuals for all mobiles online, the best way is to search for your brand and model on google. Generally a lot of useful information can be found in these manuals.

Change from an iPhone

The following applies for everybody who wants to migrate data from an iPhone to another iPhone. Please make sure that you know your log in for you Apple ID. In your old mobile, choose "Back up now" in iCould in Settings. When your are starting your new mobile, again go to Settings and choose "back up from iCloud". You will then get all the data stored from your old phone.

Note! Before you hand in your phone, reset your phone.

Transfer contacts to your new phone - Android

The contacts in your phone can be saved in several ways. Go to Contacts, choose import/export an choose to either send your contacts as a file to your gmail-account, exchange-account, save in your phone or save on you memory card, in case your phone has one. Then you can open the file in your new phone and you can access the contacts.

Note! The process described above differs from different phone, but only marginally. In case you are keeping your SIM card, you can also copy your contacts to your SIM card.

Transfer pictures to your new phone - Android

The easiest way to transfer pictures and other documents is to use Google Drive. Check every app on your phone for the Google Drive icon. In case you can't find it, you may need to download Google Drive first (from Google Play or the App Store). In case you have many pictures to transfer, it might be a good idea to separate them into several folders in order to Before moving your pictures to Google Drive it might be a good idea to organize them into folders in order to facilitate the transfer.

To start the upload, go to your picture, choose the share icon, choose Google Drive and pick the pictures you want to transfer. They are then uploaded to Google Drive and you can easily access them via Google Drive's website. Use the same log in data as to your gmail-account. You can use this for every mobile phone, tablet or stationary computer. 

Note! Before you hand in your phone, reset your phone.

Reporting problems

Please be as specific as possible when you describe the telephony problem with your telephony administrator. Always state your name, extension, type of telephone (digital, analogue, MEX), room number and if possible, your socket number. It will be easier for your telephony administrator to make an error report if he or she has all necessary information in advance.

Service for mobile phones

For service for mobile phones purchased in Wisum, please use the following links:


Contact your telephony administrator to order phones or related products. See available telephones and products by logging in to the web shop at IT Market (Wisum).

Mobile usage abroad

Taking your mobile phone with you abroad is done at your own risk. It can be very expensive if you don't shut off all automatic updates and synchronizations in the phone before travelling. Check before travelling that data roaming is inactivated. 

The inactivation setting is found under "Wireless and network" and "Mobile networks". "Connect to data services when roaming" should be unchecked. A tip is to purchase a local pre-paid card when abroad. That way you have complete control over the costs.

Roaming within EU/EES

From June 15, 2017, new rules apply for mobile broadband in EU/EES countries.

  1. Everybody with a mex extension or stand-alone subscription can call, text and surf (only if your subscription is not blocked for roaming, which is the default setting) for the same price as in Sweden. Mobile Broadband subscriptions not included.
  2. Check with your telephony administrator at your institution which policy you have. In that case the telephone administrator can release your block at the operator (Tele2).

Note! When the roaming block is removed, you will be able to use mobile broadband anywhere in the world. Please be aware of that and be careful when surfing outside of EU/EES countries, as that might be very expensive.

Refer your phone

You can refer your phone manually or online.

Refer your phone via the web (CMG Web, previously BluStar Web)

You can log in to CMG Web and refer your telephone from any computer, where ever you are located. Clink on the tab “Aktiviteter” and choose the activity that you want to refer to.

Refer your phone via CMG Web.

Manual call transfer

Referral codes for all types of extensions (pdf, in Swedish)

For mobile extensions (MEX)

Dial 333, wait for tone, then press referral code.

Referral codes


*23*0# = 1 hour 

Left for the day

*23*1# next day 

In duty

*23*2# = 1 hour 


*23*8# = 1 hour 

Business travel

*23*5# = the rest of the day 

Taking care of child

*23*3# = for the time being 


*23*6# = the rest of the day 

On leave

*23*4# = the rest of the day 


*23*9# = 15 minutes for the time being 


*23*7# = the rest of the day 

To cancel all referrals

press #23#

Voice mail

Everybody with a mobile connection (MEX) has the same type of voice mail as stationary phones. If somebody leaves you a voice mail, it will be saved in the "stationary" voice mail (number 86499 inside of KI).

The voice mail is connected to you phone number in KI's switchboard. The voice mail is activated by default and the PIN code by default is the same as your connection number. We recommend changing your PIN code as well as recording a short message.

Voice mail quick guide (pdf)

IP telephony

Order IP telephones

For any IP-order, please contact the telephony administrator at your department.

An IP telephone is basically a normal phone, but it works via internet instead of the phone net. Therefore, IP telephones can't be used as emergency telephones during power failure.

Instructions for IP telephones

The first time, when you plug in an IP phone, it may take up to 5 minutes or more.

How to log in

Model 4425

  • Check that your five-digit number is displayed after "Write extension number ".
  • Press the button below the text "Log in".
  • You are now logged in and can use the phone.

Model 4422

  • Check that your five-digit number is displayed after "Write extension number ".
  • Log in via the speaker button.
  • You are now logged in and can use the phone.

Model 6863i

  • Plug in the phone and the software will be downloaded automatically. It may take up to 5 minutes or more.
  • To log in, type in your number when the screen shows "User". Confirm by pressing the "down" button on navigation keys.
  • To change the extension number, you must log out by entering: # 11 # ok (navigation key)
  • To log in again, enter: * 11 * extension no # ok (navigation key).

Quick reference guide 6263i (pdf)

Note for all IP phones! We recommend to not log out of your phone. In case somebody calls you when your log out, they will get the impression they've dialed an invalid number. If you don't want to receive any calls you can redirect your phone instead.

Transfer your IP connection

Contact the telephony administrator at your department for both permanent and temporary transfer.

To rooms without an IP phone

Contact your telephony administrator. Have your socket and room number handy.
For Biomedicum and Neo, all sockets are activate for IP telephony.

Programming of action button

All programming has to be done directly in the phone by the user. You can also program the codes manually. Do you want to redirect to e.g. your mobile phone in case you can't answer, please contact your telephony administrator.

Programming codes

  • Transfer of own number, * 21* extension nr. # cancel # 21 #
  • External transfer, * 22 # external code/extension nr. # cancel # 22 #
  • Referring, * 23 * reason for referral, see list below * HHMM/MMDD # or only #. cancel # 23 #

List of referral codes (pdf, in Swedish)

Conference calls

Use the conference service if you want to have a telephone meeting with several participants simultaneously.

  • The person who is organizing the conference call chooses a four digit code, avoid easy number combinations. You don't have to order any codes in advance. Simply decide a four digit code that all participants enter at the time of the meeting. The code is active as long as someone is logged in on the conference call.
  • Distribute the code to the conference participants.
  • The conference participants dial (08-524) 823 00 and enter the four digit code. The conference call is now open.

The cost for external participants is like a normal call within Sweden. There are no extra charges added for joining a conference call. The person who starts the conference does not need to pay any external charge for using the service.

The conference service can also be reached from abroad. Simply dial +46 8 524 82300 to access it.

See also: New conference euqipment facilitates travel-free meetings

E-mail on your mobile phone

More information is available at E-mail.

Registration of mobile phones

UF employees: register your mobile phone in new system

The decision of registration was reached by the university director and is registered under the number 2-5355/2018.


The monthly telephony fees as well as additional costs for e.g. calls abroad are available in the pdf below.

Price list telephony (pdf)

Prior to the change of operator to Telia in November 2018, subscription forms have been changed, and thus the surf volumes. To facilitate the swithc, the IT Office has changed the minimum level of surfing for all mobile extensions MEX to 7 GB.

The statistics show that 60% of MEX users had a consumption below 1GB / month.

We recommend that the departments adjust their employees' pots every quarter to reflect the actual consumption of users. The right volume of surfpots and mobile broadband can lead to a saving.

SMS service

To send out SMS to many recipients at a time, you can from March 2019 use a service from the supplier SMS Teknik. This service replaces the previously contracted SMS solution.

Current accounts at SMS Teknik could be used as before and will be updated with new agreed prices.

For information:

For further information please contact your Telephony Administrator


Manuals for supported mobile phones

These mobile phone models are supported by the IT support.

Settings for new SIM-cards

Settings for SIM-cards is downloaded automatically by your telephone. If you upgrade from 3G to 4G, you may have to download 4G-settings manually from "Settings" in your phone.

My workplace is on the premises of the county (Landstinget) and I currently have telephony via SLL. Can I receive telephony through KI and be a part of KI's switchboard?

Yes, a mobile extension (MEX) will provide you with an extension in KI's switchboard if you work on the county's premises.

Can I make calls via KI if I work at Karolinska Hospital?

Yes, if you get a mobile extension (MEX), or if there are possibilities to call via VoIP.

Can organizational units currently not connected to KI's switchboard be connected via VoIP?

In certain cases, and depending on the existing data net, this will be possible. If a unit is interested in this, send an e-mail to IT Support. It is always possible to connect an organizational unit via a mobile extension (MEX).

How can I find out how much data I have left for my mobile subscription? (for both mex or stand alone mobile subscriptions)

Text "surfmängd" to 4466, and you will get an reply with your used and remaning data volume.

How can I save contacts, pictures and other things on mobile phones?


Easiest to do this is getting iCloud (free cloud in all iphone mobiles, use your @ for this) under settings. Here you can choose what you want to save. You can then access them from another iPhone. You can also log in to from a PC or Mac to access the content.

You can also save contacts and other things in free Apps, you can download from AppStore, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

Andriod phones (for example, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, HTC, etc.)

Here you can also save contacts, pictures and more in different cloud services available for free from Google Play. Most commonly are (Google Drive) preinstalled on the mobile. Here you can save what you need to save. Then you can open Google Drive on other phones, tablets, Mac and PC by signing in to Google with the same account (use your @ for this).

For more information, see "Change of mobile phone" under Telephony.

What should I do if I return back a cell phone to my institution?


Save what you need before you do this. Reset the phone under Settings-General-Reset. Here you select (Erase All content and Settings). It is very important that you remove the phone from (Find iphone) if you have activated it. Only you can do this because it asks for your Apple account password.

Andriod phones (such as Samsung, Sony, Nokia, HTC, etc.)

Save what you need before you do this. On all Andriod phones you can do a factory reset from Settings. But it is different between Android phones. Check the manual from internet (search for brand and model for your phone in Google or other browsers).

My iPhone can't find the Tele2 network. What should I do?

Most likely, there is a problem with system update in your iPhone. If you ignore system update multiple times, you may experience this problem. The solution is to connect the phone to WiFi (e.g. Eduroam, or other WiFi outside KI) to install the system update, which can be found at Settings - General - Software Update. When running the update, the phone switches itself on automatically a few times. Then the phone should  find the Tele2 network again.

My Iphone does not charge. What should I do?

If the iPhone is completely discharged, it may take up to several minutes before it starts charging again when connected to a charger. There is probably nothing wrong with your iPhone. Just plug in the charger and wait for the charging to start.

Also, something might be wrong with the charger. Try different sockets to be sure. Also try on another iPhone or iPad to be sure that it's note the charger that doesn't work.

I will be on parental leave. Can I keep my current KI mobile number?

Yes, IT support terminates the subscription, but the number is reserved for you up to 12 months. Contact the telephony administrator at your institution to order.
Alternatively, the institution can choose to continue paying for the subscription even during the leave, then it runs as usual.