Support & Tools when working in Laboratory of the future ANA 8

General information on affiliation and administration when working in the Laboratory of the Future.


Door signs for office spaces

Use the below templates for signs outside of office spaces. The signs are to be written in ENGLISH.

1-person room

2-person room

4-person room

Purchases and orders

For purchasing, the same procedures as today apply; i.e. the purchasers who handle orders at their respective departments will continue to do so initially. The change which may take place is that the receipt of goods may be handled by a shared resource for Laboratory of the Future ANA 8 (e.g., caretaker, superintendent or similar).


A joint introduction for new employees in the Laboratory of the Future ANA 8 premises shall be discussed. HR shall head this work.

Lab driving licence

For the special laboratories which are under construction and which are due for completion in autumn 2018, a special “driving licence” will be required in order to work there. More information to follow on how/where/when this will happen.

Access card

Read more about the access card rules under “Working environment and safety ANA 8 / KI Access Cards ANA 8”.