Strategic Council for International Affairs

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The International Strategy Committee is renamed as Strategic Council for International Affairs and has a slightly modified mission.

Strategic Council for International Affairs

  • To develop and support KI’s overall internationalization strategies for education, doctoral education and research.
  • To coordinate and develop the overall international activites at KI.
  • To, after decision by the vice-chancellor, establish new partnerships and in terms of current collaborative partners, manage and develop longterm universitywide international collaborations and strategic alliances with leading universities and other academic institutions.
  • Where applicable, propose termination of collaborations.
  • To develop the assignments to, appoint, finance and follow up KI’s international academic coordinators and ambassadors.
  • On a strategic level, support the international alumni activity, in cooperation with the Communications and Public Relations Office, Development Office and others.
  • To participate in the development with the coherent quality system by compiling and reporting data about internationalization and oversee risk management activities.

Members of the Strategic Council for International Affairs

The group also involves representatives from the Central Administration.