Strategic Council for International Affairs

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Strategic Council for International Affairs

  • To develop and support KI’s overall internationalization strategies for education, doctoral education and research.
  • To coordinate and develop the overall international activites at KI.
  • To, after decision by the vice-chancellor, establish new partnerships and in terms of current collaborative partners, manage and develop longterm universitywide international collaborations and strategic alliances with leading universities and other academic institutions.
  • Where applicable, propose termination of collaborations.
  • To develop the assignments to, appoint, finance and follow up KI’s international academic coordinators and ambassadors.
  • On a strategic level, support the international alumni activity, in cooperation with the Communications and Public Relations Office, Development Office and others.
  • To participate in the development with the coherent quality system by compiling and reporting data about internationalization and oversee risk management activities.

Members of the Strategic Council for International Affairs

  • Anders Gustafsson, Chairperson and Academic Vice-President of Research
  • Robert Harris, Academic Vice-President of Doctoral Education
  • Gunnar Nilsson, former Dean of Higher Education
  • Emma Leijon, student representantive Dental Students' Association (OF)
  • Shuai Tan, student representantive Medical Students' Union (MF) (suppleant Johanna Hagman)

The group also involves representatives from the Central Administration.