Store and share files

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Information about tools for storing and sharing files.

Central storage

More information about Central storage (in Swedish).

KI Cloud (ownCloud)

KI Cloud is a cloud-based file synchronizing service "share and sync" where all data is stored and backed up in KI's central IT Department's data center.
With KI Cloud, you can synchronize files between the computer, mobile phone and tablets, as well as share files with colleagues both inside and outside KI. KI Cloud is based on a third-party solution; ownCloud.

More information about KI Cloud (in Swedish).

User manual KI Cloud.

KI Share

KI Share is a tool that gives you the opportunity to share files both internally between your co-workers and with external users outside Karolinska Institutet.

The tool is based on Sharepoint 2013 and is especially recommended when you have the need for a support tool when you for instance work in a project.

KI Share is operated by KI itself and is therefore not a cloud service. KI Share is a web based tool which means that you can access it also from off campus as long as you are connected to Internet. As KI Share is operated by the KI Information Technology Office it can be used for storing information which requires higher security protection.

To get started with KI Share, go to and log in with your KI-ID.

KI Box

KI Box is a cloud-based file sharing service that enables you to share files between your computer, smartphone and other mobile devices and with colleagues and partners inside or outside KI.

The service Box has been jointly procured by universities and university colleges in Sweden via SUNET. It is though important to bear in mind that not all sorts of data can be stored in KI Box considering it being a cloud service.

Log in to KI Box

Read more about KI Box.

Storage of research data

If you don't know which solution you should use for storing your research data, you can have a look at the summary for research data management.

Links to information about management of personal data


If you have any questions about the services, feel free to contact KI’s central IT support.