Shared facilities and processes in Biomedicum

The FM organization actively contributes to improving the environment for core business performance in order to achieve business goals and visions. FM provides coordination, initiation, monitoring and performance of the shared facilities and features in Biomedicum.

Central lab-dish facility

FM will daily collect all used lab glass ware from the quarters and transport it to the central dish washing unit on floor 2. Cleaned, and if needed sterilized, lab glass ware will be placed in the storage room (one per floor). If you have group-specific lab glass ware, place it in a ‘container’ marked with your name and quarter. This will ensure that you will receive the same glass ware.


Barcodes and purchases of chemicals

A barcode system for identification and registration of chemicals will increase the efficiency of handling chemicals and improve the chemical safety. All chemicals in Biomedicum will have a barcode with information about name, CAS number, quantity and storage location.This provides a continuously updated list in KLARA of all chemicals, for example information of storage location which is extremely important in case of fire or an accident.

All chemicals must be labelled with a barcode before they are relocated. All storage spaces in Biomedicum will be labelled with a barcode, which means that relocated chemicals can quickly be registered at a new storage location. If chemicals are to be stored in other places, please contact FM for help with generating a new barcode.

When purchasing new chemicals, the user place an order in KLARA's purchase module, which also indicates the storage location. A purchaser at FM, will regularly comply all orders and send them to the respective supplier. Upon delivery, the chemicals labelled with a barcode prior transported to the user.

Common facilities/labs



Dark Room

Radioactive facility

Core facilities

  • FACS (floor 3)

Handling of gas

Carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2) and Carbogen (CO2 + O2) are gases that will be centrally provided in Biomedicum.

Other/special gases will be delivered in gas flasks to the gas flask storage room in your quarter. From this storage room, there will be tubings to your lab bench so that correct gas is delivered.

When a gas flask is about to run empty, a message will automatically be sent to FM, who will replace the empty bottle with a new one.

Contact FM ( for more information.

Help desk

All questions and issues relating to service and support in the building are handled through a common help desk, Nilex. Your question/issue will be handled by a FM coordinator, which will forward it to the right person. For the user, it is an easy ‘one way in’, which provides a correct and efficient service.

Liquid nitrogen and dry ice

Users register an errand in the Help desk, where the needed volume and delivery date are stated. FM will transport the liquid nitrogen via the prioritized elevator to the user.

Dry-ice (blocks and/or pellets) are kept available on level 2. Small quantities can be picked up by the users when needed. Larger quantities can be ordered separately and delivered to the desired internal address.

Low temperature freezer storage facility

On floor 2 there are several rooms for storage of low temperature freezers (-80C, -150C). In addition, there are about 20 freezers for storing samples in liquid nitrogen. You will be authorized to enter the room you have your freezer in. For access to the room with liquid nitrogen freezers, you need to participate and pass a special education.

Narcotics and pharmaceuticals

Narcotics and pharmaceuticals can be ordered only by a ‘Läkemedelsföreståndare’ who has received a delegation from the prefect.

When ordering narcotics and pharmaceuticals, the veterinarian must approve and initiate the order. The number of the current ethical permit of the preparation concerned must be stated.

Room for handling CMR-classified chemicals

By law, the handling of CMR-classified chemicals must be done in a delimitated and defined area. This, in order to limit the number of people who might risk being exposed and also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should be able to avoid these chemicals.

Therefore, special rooms are provided for the proper handling and storage of CMR-classified chemicals. The rooms should not be used as general chemical storage for all chemicals. There are two ‘CMR-rooms’ per floor, which means that two quarters will have to share.

Supply Center

From the Supply Center user can purchase via the E-procurement system.  Ordered goods will be delivered to the quarter at a daily basis.


Reception, Seminar rooms, common spaces for interaction