Setting up a social media account

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Social media makes it possible to reach relevant audiences, promote dialogue, contribute to transparency, and provide business intelligence. As a public authority, Karolinska Institutet must fulfill a number of obligations, which also apply to social media.

Read the guidelines

If you want to start a social media account for your department, research center, division or research group, you should first read Karolinska Institutet's guidelines for social media

Think about the purpose

All accounts you create must have a clear purpose and goal. What are you going to use social media for? What are your needs? What do you want to achieve? What are your target audiences?

Resources for managing your account

As part of a public authority, you are required to monitor and supervise the accounts you start. Questions should be answered and inappropriate comments must be deleted. Ensure that there are resources for monitoring the account on a daily basis, even during holiday periods.

Approval by your supervisor

To create a new account on behalf of Karolinska Institutet, you must first obtain the approval of your immediate supervisor who has operational responsibility.

Contact the Communications and Public Relations Office

Contact the Communications and Public Relations Office when starting an account (or if you already have one). You may do so by filling out this form.

To make communication as effective as possible and create collaboration, there is also a value in the Communications and Public Relations Office being aware of all accounts that are set up. The Communications and Public Relations Office can also ensure that you do not already have established channels of communication for corresponding needs.

The Communications and Public Relations Office also can assist you in the selection of channels and provide advice on how social media can be used in the communication process. 

If you have any questions, please contact