Set up a KI ELN group, add or remove users and superusers

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This is where you find information about how to set up a new KI ELN-group, how to add and remove users and superusers.

All KI employees and affiliated can use KI ELN for research documentation. To start using KI ELN you need a KI ID and a KI ELN account. Research group leaders set up KI ELN groups and apply for accounts for all group members.

For a quick introduction, watch the movie Create account, add or remove users (1:30).

Start a new group

If the research group does not already exist in KI ELN, the new group is created in connection with applying for the KI ELN user accounts.

The research groups in KI ELN are named according this format "department + the research group leader's surname", for example MEB_Björkdahl.

Apply for KI ELN user accounts

Download the application form below and fill it in according to the attached instructions - the recommended browser is Internet Explorer or Safari, and use the PDF reader Abobe Reader XI. If you have problems opening the file, a solution may be to download it locally and then try to open it again.

It is important that the KI e-mail addresses are correct in order to facilitate the administration of the user accounts within the normal time of four (4) working days.

Undergraduate students can be included in a research group with a KI ELN  student login of their own. In order to get a student KI ELN account they need a KI student e-mail address. All KI ELN student accounts are time limited, therefore an end date as to be specified.

Add users

New users and superusers can be added by sending in a new application.

Removing users - important to keep number of licenses down

When a group member leaves your group the member should be removed from the group. It is important that group leaders keep the list of users up to date since KI pays license fees also for inactive users.

When a member is removed from a KI ELN group, shared documentation remains accessible to the group given that the user has followed these two steps:

  1. Relate all experiments to one or more projects.
  2. Submit all experiments.

If the user has not submitted all experiments shared documentation will get lost if the user is removed from the group.

Users that no longer work in the research group are removed by two steps:
1. The superuser removes the user from all projects.
2. The PI/group leader completes and signs an application form to remove the user from the group.

Superusers in KI ELN

The research group leader automatically becomes an administrator of the KI ELN group, a so called "superuser". Appoint at least one more superuser for each group. The group leader indicates in who should become a superuser in the application form.

Superusers create projects in the ElnAadminWeb. A project can be likened to a folder, used to organize documentation. There are several ways of organizing ELN projects. Several ELN projects can serve to organize the documentation of a research project. One thesis project can be documented by using one or several ELN projects.

Superusers add users to each project and give the users' permissions to read and add documentation within the project.

Add, change or remove a superuser

When a new person assumes the superuser role it is important that the previous and the new superuser overlap in time. The previous superuser need to transfer admin rights to the incoming superuser for all necessary projects.

Plan for all vacations and leaves so that there are at least two superusers with admin permission on all ELN projects.

To appoint and remove a superuser:

  1. Fill in and submit an application form for the new superuser.
  2. The previous superuser transfer admin rights to all applicable projects to the new superuser.
  3. The previous superuser informs about the group routines, e.g. principles for naming projects.
  4. The previous superuser is removed, first from the projects and then - if leaving the group - from the group by filling out the application form.

Application forms

We offer three different versions of the application form, to choose between as it suits you:

Users with KI student accounts require a special application form, where end dates are specified.

  • Make sure that all email addresses are spelled correctly.
  • Submit your signed application to ELN support.