Seminars for doctoral supervisors

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The role of doctoral supervisor involves exchanging experiences with colleagues. The thematic seminars provide KI supervisors with a forum for competence development and regular opportunities to meet colleagues in a similar situation.

These seminars allow participants to discuss matters and exchange experiences relating to their supervisory role and to keep themselves updated on the latest news connected to doctoral education. The seminar programme varies; sometimes we invite speakers to share their own experiences as supervisors, or experts to hold talks on particular issues. The aims are to help participants understand their own position as supervisors and to inspire and encourage them to find their own ways of dealing with the challenges that the role brings.

Seminars autumn 2018

Intercultural Communication in Doctoral Supervision

17 October, KI - Jennifer Valcke, Educational developer and Juha Nieminen, Educational developer, Campus Flemingsberg/ Huddinge

 Jennifer Valcke, lecturere



Researchers working at Karolinska Institutet supervise doctoral students from all over the world and from various academic cultures.

Engaging with difference in a constructive way is a challenge shared by all involved in research and leadership. The lunch seminar is intended as a primer to this multivariate issue. The goal is to increase participants’ awareness of common cultural differences that may lead to misunderstandings, to discuss culturally competent ways of dealing with different perspectives, and to share experiences and best practices among participants.

(The seminar is held in English)

KI, campus Flemingsberg, 17 October, 11.30-13.00
Lecturers: Jennifer Valcke, Educational developer och Juha Nieminen, Educational developer
Venue: S112
Address: Alfred Nobels allé 23, Zanderska huset, campus Flemingberg/ Huddinge

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How to become an associate professor (docent) at Karolinska Institutet?

28 November - Jan Ygge, MD, PhD, Professor in Pediatric Ophthalmology, KI, Marianne Bernadotte Centrum, St. Erik Eye Hospital, campus Solna







-  How to apply?
-  What is required in terms of research, educational and leadership qualifications?
-  How is the process?
-  What docent-track to choose?

(The seminar is held in English)

KI/Solna, 28 November, 11.30-13.00
Lecturer:  Jan Ygge, MD, PhD, Professor in Pediatric Ophthalmology, Karolinska Institutet, Marianne Bernadotte Centrum, St. Erik Eye Hospital
Venue: Samuelssonssalen
Address: Tomtebodavägen 6, campus Solna

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Seminars spring 2019

March 14th and May 8th 2019

More information will come.

The seminars are held in English.


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Elisabet Lindgren

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Organizational unit: Unit for Medical Education and Technology (UMET)

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