Self-study course for Drupal

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Self-studies for becoming an editor on If you already have a training account you can download the self-study material here.

In order to maintain a high level of quality in terms of both structure and content, editors need to have good knowledge of both publishing systems and how the medium of the web differs from other media.

An editor on must have:

  • good computer skills and an interest in web publishing
  • time allocated to training
  • time allocated for work on web publishing

Apply for Training Acc​ount

You should first talk to the local main editor at your department who will order a training account.


Exercises, pictures and​ documents.

Download exercises.

The exercises updated October 1, 2018.


Once you have completed the exercises above, you can begin the certification.

Download the certification tasks.

Certification task updated October 1, 2018. 


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