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Here you can find information about rules regarding postdoctoral training 

Postdoctoral researcher - a first career step after doctoral degree

 As a first step after a PhD, there is the opportunity to do research as a postdoctoral researcher. More information in Swedish, see Befattningar vid KI

Postdoc registration 

All postdocs at KI are to be centrally registered. Each department is responsible for the registration of postdoc scholarship holders in the identity access management system IDAC. Postdocs who are employed are registered in Primula payroll system. 

Postdoc-Supervisor agreement

According to the recommendation from the Board of Research in 2004, postdocs are recommended to sign an agreement with their supervisor regarding the estimated duration of the project, allocated resources and expected teaching hours. A template for a Postdoc-supervisor agreement is available at Career service for Postdocs website.  

Postdoc Diploma

After you have completed your postdoctoral studies, you will be awarded a diploma, provided that at least 50% of your study time was taken up with research conducted independently of your PhD supervisor and lasting between one and three years. Application for diploma for postdoctoral studies at KI is available at Career service for Postdocs website. 

Funding for Postdoctoral researcher


Employment as a postdoctoral researcher is a time-limited position with the aim of acquiring qualifications. Its primary focus is on research as a first career step after graduation at doctoral level. The period as an employed postdoctoral researcher is four years in total. 

A postdoctoral researcher should primarily conduct research. Teaching may also be included in the duties, but should not exceed 20 per cent of the work hours. The Head of Department decides to which extent a Postdoc should handle research and if applicable, teaching. 

More information: Befattningar vid KI (in Swedish only)

KI Scholarship to pursue post-doctoral studies

Scholarships for carrying out post-doctoral research may be granted to persons living in other countries who come to Sweden with the intention of only staying in Sweden for all or part of their post-doctoral education at KI.  Persons who are resident in Sweden and/or have carried out all or part of their academic education at KI or some other educational institution in Sweden cannot be considered for scholarships from KI. A scholarship for the pursuit of postdoc studies may be awarded for up to two years in the four years following the public defence (or equivalent) of a doctoral thesis. An individual study plan of methods that are to be studied has to be attached for post-doctoral scholarships. 

Scholarship holders are not employed by KI, and do not therefore have the same rights in terms of pensions, subsistence allowances etc. Nor do they have any formally regulated holiday entitlement. The scope and time of their leave should be regulated in their individual study plans.

The intended scholarship candidate is to receive clear information concerning what it means to be a scholarship holder at KI. In order to ensure this, the scholarship candidate, supervisor and Human Resources administrators, or similar, are to review the terms and regulations of the scholarship document. After reviewing the document, an affirmation is to be signed by all parties.
Note New scholarship rules from July 1, 2018.

More information: Affiliates and scholars regarding scholarship regulations and insurance coverage at KI.  

Code of Conduct - for a good working atmosphere at KI

Code of Conduct, established in 2015, is based on the fundamental core values of KI. The code clarifies the responsibilities of all co-workers incl. scholarship holders at KI and how we shall meet and treat each other, mainly from a psychosocial work environment perspective. It is a part of the signed employment or affiliation contract. 

Equality and diversity

KI strives to be an attractive study and working environment that is free from discrimination and provides equal opportunities for all. If situations occur where co-workers experience harassment or discrimination at work the employer has to investigate and handle the situation. On the website Equal treatment you will find the guidelines for this routine: Preventing and taking action in cases of discrimination, harassment and victimization of employees and affiliates

Whom to contact in case of work related issues at work
1. The first step is to have a dialog with your manager and try to solve the situation together.
2. You are also welcome to contact the safety representative , the equal treatment representative, the HR-officers or the Work Environment Group in your department.
3. You are also entitled to consult the KI occupational health service.

Health Promotion

The role of the Health Promotion Unit is to inspire, support and promote health. Health Promotion at KI offers access to training facilities, workshops and courses, lectures and events. The Health Promotion Unit is located at Berzelius väg 3, ground floor, in Solna and at Alfred Nobels allé 23, ground floor in Huddinge. 

As an employee of Karolinska Institutet you are entitled to one hour’s paid health and fitness session each week. Health promotion reimbursement is offered to all employees at KI. Postdocs on stipend are not entitled to the benefit.

Occupational health service

KI has an agreement with Previa - occupational health service. All employees, doctoral students and postdocs on stipends can turn to them for work-related issues e.g. Hepatitis B vaccinations and health examinations before working with laboratory animals. 

Guidelines and rules related to work environment

Work environment and health

Secondary occupations

Secondary occupations