Retreat for new doctoral students - Doctoral programme in health care science

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All newly registered PhD students, who have indicated an interest to belong to the Doctoral Programme in Health Care Science are invited to a retreat for an introduction of the programme and its activities and for facilitating network-building with peers at other departments.

A retreat for newly admitted PhD students was arranged for the first time in 2013 and will be a yearly event.


The retreat is on September 3-4 at Hotel J, Nacka Strand. 


The retreat took place September 1-2 at Yasuragi Hasseludden. 


The retreat took place October 6-7 at Villa Brevik, Lidingö. 


The retreat took place September 2-3 at Nacka.


The retreat took place February 14-15 at Sigtuna.

Programmes for previous retreats

Programme 2018

Programme 2015

Programme 2014

Programme 2103

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