Resolved - issues with publishing on

Published 2018-02-19 08:09. Updated 2018-03-14 13:53Denna sida på svenska

Editors at should no longer experience problems working in drupal and publishing on 

The problem with being logged out is resolved

Several have experienced problems with being "kicked out" of drupal when, for example, trying to save a page you get an error message saying "access denied". This issue should now be fixed. If you still get this error, contact Please add this information to your message:

  • The account you were logged in, if other than your KIID.
  • What time you experienced the problems. our
  • Your IP Address.
    If you are using your KI computer, find your Ip number in the black box on the desktop of your computer'. If you are using another computer, you will find your IP number by browsing

Other reported issues for you as an editor (slow environment, etc.) are still being investigated.

However, we encourage you to keep the web updated as usual. If you encounter problems, please report this to, so that we get specific information to help us troubleshoot.

No issues for external visitors

If you notice issues affecting visitors, that is, those who are not or have been logged in to drupal, we would like you to report this to Please take screenshots and submit to the report.


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