Residence permits and visas

EU/EEA or Swiss citizen

EU citizens have the right to work, study or live in Sweden without a residence permit. When entering Sweden, you need a valid passport or ID card showing your citizenship. If your stay in Sweden will be one year or more, you need to contact the Swedish Tax Agency to register yourself in the Swedish population register. 

Citizens of Switzerland

If you are a Swiss citizen, you may move to Sweden to work, study or start your own business. If you wish to stay for longer than three months, you need to apply for a residence permit.

Non-EU citizen stay up to three months

If you are a scientist invited to a scientific establishment in Sweden for the purpose of teaching or lecturing only, and for a period of less than three months, you do not need a work or residence permit. However, nationals of some countries will need a visa.

Entry visa

See List of foreign citizens who require Visa for entry into Sweden You can apply for an entry visa at a Swedish embassy or consulate in your country of residence, using the application form for Schengen Visa. Some requirements differ from country to country, so you have to check what applies in your case. In some countries Sweden is represented by another Schengen state. A visa is temporary and is valid for a maximum 90 days per six month period.

Non-EU citizen stay more than three months 

If you plan to stay in Sweden for longer than three months you will need a residence permit for visiting researchers (applies to researchers), work permit (applies for those not doing any research) or residence permit for studies (applies to those admitted to doctoral education). You must apply for the permit from your native country or other country outside Sweden where you are living. If you apply online, using the Migration Agency website, you will get a decision sooner, providing that the Migration Agency does not need to request further information.

A visitor's permit (classification O) is usually valid for no more than six months, or up to one year. This permit is only valid for a visit, and persons may not work or take up residence in Sweden.

The residence permit card is a proof that you have been granted a residence permit. When you enter Sweden, you must therefore show your card along with a valid passport. If you don’t need a visa to travel to Sweden, you can have your fingerprints and photograph taken for a residence permit card in Sweden. You must visit the Migration Agency as soon as possible after receiving a residence permit and arriving in Sweden.

Non-EU citizen extend your permit

If you plan to continue working or studying make sure to apply for extension before your current permit expires. 

Once you have had a residence permit to conduct research, a work permit or a residence permit for doctoral studies for four years, you can obtain a permanent residence permit, which remains in force as long as you live in Sweden.

Swedish citizenship

When you have lived in Sweden for several years, you may apply for Swedish citizenship.


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