Research group allocation

The participation of the departments is a success factor in terms of creating a functional building that offers the best possible conditions for biomedical research.

Principal investigators have been active in responding to surveys and participating in workshops to optimize the research group allocation in Biomedicum. As of December 2016 the overall allocation plan was completed.

The allocation process, steps taken

Step 1: Optimized Biomedicum opportunities

Time period: 2011-2013
Aim: To design a modern building, which can host an inspiring, effective and interactive research environment
Methods: Dialogues between experts and teams: The Chairmen’s team; Department Heads, Researcher’s team; two PI:s from each of the five departments, Facilities Office (FA) and house architects and interior architects
Results: General drawings of office spaces, lab quarters, common spaces

Scematic drawing of a four quarter floor in Biomedicum

Step 2: Optimized research environment

Time Period: 2014
Aim: To identify general needs for each research group in the five departments
Methods: Survey – Part 1
Results: Design and allocation of core facilities, cell culture rooms, electrophysiology rooms, isotope rooms, BSL2 labs etc.

Step 3: Optimized allocation of research groups

Time period: 2015-September 2016
Aim: To identify specific needs and requests of each research group
Methods: Survey – Part 2
Results: Allocation of research groups based on research focus, proximity to various facilities and requests

Step 4: Finalized allocation of research groups

Time period: October-December 2016
Aim: To discuss best usage of lab and office space in the quarter
Methods: Quarter workshops between group leaders, coordinators
Results: Finalized allocation of research groups. Quarter reports to be used for discussion with the Facilities Office/Chairmen’s team, who will decide on further adjustments of offices and laboratories.

Quarter naming in Biomedicum

The next steps - all about collaboration

In 2017 a new phase of the planning process has begun. Up to this point, the different project teams have worked rather separately and focused on specific questions. For example, the Researchers' team and the coordinators have worked on the allocation process, quarter-specific design of laboratories and offices etc. The facility management team has looked into logistics, freezer and storage capabilities.

As the planning continues it is of major importance that the teams collaborate to create a well functioning research environment in Biomedicum. In order for this to happen, a new series of workshops will take place. The teams will meet and discuss infrastructure/relocation, as well as how to organize research activities, core facilities, seminar series, and meetings with KI Innovation and the Grants Office in Biomedicum.

Quarter Coordinators

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