Research data management

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It is important to manage research data in a secure way, in accordance with applicable guidelines and laws, to also document data about data (metadata) and to ensure traceability.

What is research data?

Research data is all data that forms the basis of the findings and conclusions generated by the research, it may include experimental raw data, questionnaires/interview data, statistical analysis, processed and merged data. Even data that is the basis for negative or unsuccessful results are considered to be research data and should be documented according to the same guidelines.

What is secure management of research data?

Secure data management can be divided into some general points.

  • It should always be possible to trace the origin of the data, as well as how data is handled and processed
  • It is important to be able to find data and to know where the data is stored - and storage is only allowed in approved systems and places
  • Only authorised persons should have access to the data, this is especially true if the data includes personal data
  • The data should always be backed-up
  • Data should usually be described with associated metadata (i.e. data about data)
  • Variables in the dataset has to be explained

Where do I store research data?

The safest way to store research data is on a server at KI and/or in a KI approved system for research data. Listed below are some common solutions at KI and the types of data that can be stored in each solution.

It is NOT allowed to store research data in external solutions/systems (such as Dropbox). Also, storing research data locally on your own computer or on an external harddrive is not approved.