Requisition of funding from the Course and programme committee

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After completed doctoral course or activity the pre-granted funding can be reimbursed. If the funding has been granted by one of the doctoral programmes, a requisition is sent to the programme, according to their guidelines. 

For other courses (frestanding courses) and activities that have been granted funding by the Course and programme committee, a requisition is to be sent according to the instructions below.

The amount granted and the conditions for this are stated in the protocol from the committe that was communicated after the decision was taken. 

Requisition of course funding

A requisition of approved funding of courses from the Course and programme committee shall include:

  • Requisition form (as a Word file)
  • List of course participants, including their names, Swedish personal identity numbers, registration date for doctoral education (name the university) or indicated if the participant is a post doc at KI, as well as specification of those who completed the course and the examination (but not necessarily passed). (KI post docs must have proven their status by submitting a reply form signed by their supervisor/PI).
    You can use the Result list for doctoral courses that is the basis for reporting in Ladok, or an excel list. 
    Compensation can be given for course participants that are registered as doctoral students (at KI or other national or international university) or post docs at KI, i. e. belonging to the first three categories of applicants according to the selection criteria.
  • Course evaluation report from KI Survey (see Course evaluation and analysis of doctoral courses) - this can be included in the course analysis form as a link.
  • Course analysis form (the course director's summary and reflections based on the outcome of the participants’ course evaluation and any suggested improvements; see Course evaluation and analysis of doctoral courses)

Send the documentation to

It is important that funds for completed courses are requisitioned the current year so that payments can be made during the right financial year.

Principle for reducing the standard amount

If there are fewer doctoral students or KI post docs that have completed the course than the minimum number stated in the decision by the Course and programme committee, funding is reduced in accordance with the following principle:

Percentage of doctoral students / KI post docs compared to minimum demands Percentage of approved funding to be disbursed
90 - 100 % 100 %
80 - 89 % 90 %
70 - 79 % 80 %
60 - 69 % 70 %
50 - 59 % 60 %
40 - 49 % 50 %
30 - 39 % 40 %

Requisition of funding for other learning activities

Granted funding of less than 5 000 SEK: requisition can be done directly after the decision about funding has been announced. An evaluation of the activity and a reflection by the organizers in agreement with the coordinator for doctoral education should be sent to no later than 4 weeks after completion of the activity. 

Granted funding of 5 000 SEK or more: reimbursement once the activity is completed and one has submitted the following documents to

  • requisition form (as a Word file)
  • participants list concerning KI doctoral students
  • evaluation of the activity (PDF-file or link to KI survey)
  • reflection by the organizers
  • an economic account


Administrative officer

Anna Gustafsson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 860 18

Chair of the Course and programme committee

Lennart Nilsson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 810 99

Vice chair of the Course and programme committee

Lena Von Koch


Coordinator of doctoral education

Ingeborg van der Ploeg

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 867 00

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