Relocation information

During the spring of 2017 written information will be sent out to give answers to many questions concerning relocation issues. Information meetings will be organized for personnel at the five departments moving to Biomedicum in the autumn of 2017, to inform about the relocation process and answering more questions.

So far all of the equipment at the departments have been inventoried, labeled and will get a dedicated place in Biomedicum. All of the equipment can not come along to Biomedicum, and the selection process will be led by designated blockcoordinators. 

During 2017 focus will lay on clearing offices, storages and labs of unnecessary items. A big inventory of chemicals will take place in February, a perfect opportunity to clear the storage of one's chemicals. It will be possible to scedule a meeting with Patric Klettner Carlsson, chemist/safety advisor at Stena Recycling, to identify unknown chemicals. 

The relocation team

  • Petra Hartley and Magnus Bjurström, MTC
  • Torbjön Haglöf, MBB 
  • Boje Persson, Neuro
  • Irene Remmel and Andreas Adolfsson, CMB
  • Mats Anderling, Ludwiginstitutet
  • Åsa Johansson and Michael Elm, FyFa
  • External moving coordinators Magdalena Koistinen and Sarah Jonsson Norling, White arkitekter AB 

Please contact members representing your department in the relocation team, if you have questions on relocation issues.