Radiation protection ANA 8

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All work involving ionised radiation is carried out under controlled forms in accordance with statutory permits from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. (Ref. no. 2-4181/2014)

All work entailing the risk of radiation exposure shall be carried out by personnel with radiation protection training. Refresher training shall be provided at least every 5 years. The training is offered by the unit for Nuclear Medicine at Karolinska University Hospital.  

General for ANA 8

  • Local license
  • Introduction & permit
  • Risk assessments
  • Waste management

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Radiation protection coordinator ANA 8:


Marjan Amiri

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 837 86
Organizational unit: Department of Laboratory Medicine (LABMED), H5
E-mail: Marjan.Amiri@ki.se

Karolinska University Hospital:  

Nuklearmedicin samordnare

Annie Bjäreback

Phone: +46-(0)8-585 834 02