Radiation protection

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All work-related activities with radioactive substances or technical devices capable of generating ionising radiation, must be carried out in accordance with the Swedish Radiation Protection Act (1988:220), the Radiation Protection Ordinance (1988:293), Regulations from the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority and Local Radiation Protection Rules.


The use of radioactive substances or technical devices capable of generating ionising radiation requires a license from the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority. Karolinska Institutet has a collective license (Dnr 2-418/2014) for the use of ionising radiation for scientific and educational purposes.

The handling and coordination of all information concerning radiation protection legislation is delegated to an expert in radiation protection with a competence and rights as specified in the Swedish Radiation Protection Institute`s General Advise on Competence of Radiation Protection Experts 2000:6.

Radiation protection organization

  • The various heads of department have the comprehensive responsibility for the radiation protection in their departments
  • The head of department appoints a person-in-charge within every licenced workgroup


All personnel working with ionizing radiation shall be in accordance with regulations set by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) participate in a radiation safety education
held by the employer, in this case VO Hospital Physics Karolinska University Hospital. The training shall be repeated at least every 5 years.

For more information contact Disa Åstrand, tel: 08-517 706 15, e-mail: disa.astrand@sll.se. Times for the courses and registration see VO Hospital Physics Karolinska University Hospital.


Radiation protection expert:

Security coordinator

Richard Odh

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 861 54
Organizational unit: Miljö och säkerhet
E-mail: richard.odh@ki.se

X-ray equipment coordinator

Jan Lindström

telephone: 070-729 23 16 

e-mail: jan.lindstrom@sll.se

Radiation safety coordinator KI Campus Solna

Joachim Nilsson

telephone: 08-517 765 23

e-mail: joachim.nilsson@sll.se

Radiation safety coordinator for KI laboratorys at Karolinska University hospital Solna

Lena Engelin

telephone: 08-517 738 36

e-mail: lena.engelin@sll.se

Radiation safety coordinator at KI Campus Flemingsberg

Ulrika Estenberg

telephone: 08-585 855 57

e-mail: ulrika.estenberg@sll.se