Quality development and assurance of doctoral education

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A PhD from Karolinska Institutet (KI) is, and must remain a nationally and internationally recognised hallmark of quality.

High quality doctoral education

A high quality doctoral education is expected to turn out theses of an excellent scientific standard as well as employable, competent and independent graduates. Achieving these aims requires not only a quality research environment but also a well-supervised educational environment focused on producing independent researchers.

Quality in recruitment and admissions

Quality in recruitment

The eligibility review is conducted by the University Administration to ensure quality and consensus in the assessment.

Ensuring the conditions necessary for quality doctoral education at the point of admission

Quality during the education

Quality in the doctoral educational environment

Quality in doctoral courses

Quality in doctoral supervision

Monitoring progress in doctoral education

Support to doctoral students

Quality in examination and thesis

Quality of examination and thesis

Checking theses for plagiarism


Evaluation of doctoral education

Responsiblity for quality in doctoral education

The Board of Doctoral Education has overall responsibility for evaluating and quality assuring doctoral education, which it does with the help of specific guidelines and rules, and by following up and evaluating the doctoral education. Heads of department, directors of doctoral education/administrators for doctoral education, persons responsible for doctoral programmes or research schools, supervisors, teachers and course coordinators, members of committees and other groups answerable to the board, desk officers in the university administration, students and alumni are all involved in the process of evaluating and quality assuring doctoral education at KI.


KI’s general quality system (in Swedish)

Rules for doctoral education

Doctoral education