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KI is working on a reform of the central IT management in the project "Coordinated IT Operations". Its purpose is to actively support the university’s core activities by offering more uniform IT services and more stable handling of the IT environment at Karolinska Institutet. The project is being led by the central Information Technology Office (ITA) on behalf of KI’s management. 

The project’s background

ITA earlier mainly managed basic infrastructure such as network access and the operation of central administrative systems in finance and HR and e-mail and calendar services. The solutions that the departments were offered at a central level regarding the need for servers, storage, backups, local networks and computers were limited because formal responsibility for most IT-related questions lay with the individual department. This has meant that KI’s IT environment has looked very different at different departments and IT has not been coordinated. Many departments have also needed to purchase hardware and maintain servers and software themselves – which has required resources in the form of both time and expensive investments.

In 2013 the University Board decided to implement the “Coordinated IT Operation” project. This was done in order to get a better overview of KI’s IT investments and thereby be able to exploit coordination gains and also because of the increasing demands regarding IT security. The University Director at the time commissioned ITA to implement the project.

To begin with, the project took the form of a pilot project at two departments: the Department of Laboratory Medicine (LabMed) and the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology (FyFa).

The Coordinated IT Operations project’s goals

  • A more secure IT environment for the whole of KI which comprises:
    - better access and fewer disruptions.
    ​- increased IT security to protect sensitive data.
  • Reduced costs for the departments by offering standardised IT services.

Changes that Coordinated IT operations will bring

  • Adjustments to employees’ computers, among other things to make backups to a central server.
  • Centralised storage in a modern environment with high security against attacks from outside.
  • A new IT support procedure with front-line support that is guaranteed to be available during office hours combined with a support team who are available on-site and can provide extra support if needed.
  • More efficient administrative procedures for purchasing IT equipment and licences.
  • Central multi-function printers with “follow me” functionality, which makes it possible to use any printer in KI’s campus buildings.
  • Management of the departments’ central servers.

Departments where the project has been delivered

  • PHS (Department of Public Health Science). At PHS, ITA has been responsible for all IT operations, including user support, since 2016. PHS’ IT manager is now part of the organisation at ITA and the department is also gradually switching to ordering its computers, both PC and Mac, via ITA.
  • KM (Comparative Medicine) now has its server and computer management via ITA.
  • SÖS (Söder Hospital) also has its server management via ITA and gradually ITA will take over the computer support. Here ITA collaborates with SLL, which owns the physical network to which all users are connected.
  • Biomedicum departments CMB, FyFa, Neuro, MBB and MTC.
  • NVS, MedH, Clintec and Labmed within the departmental group south.


Please visit the FAQ page for frequently asked questions.


In case you want to know more about the project, please feel free to contact Head of IT Projects Gustaf Risling or project manager Maria You.

Head of unit

Gustaf Risling

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 860 95
Organizational unit: Development


Maria You

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 853 34
Organizational unit: Development