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The website for Karolinska Institutet, features "profile pages" for all co-workers with KI-ID. On these pages you will find facts, questions and answers, and instructions on how to edit your profile page.

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This is a profile page

A profile page is a page about you as a KI co-worker in the new version of our website It contains basic contact information, but it can also be extended with mor information about your background, your work, assignments, publications and so on. Updated profile pages will make it easier to get in touch with the right person and competence, for both external visitors and other staff. 

There are one Swedish and one English version of each profile page, and you can switch language with a link on the page. 

Regulations for content

The profile page shall contain information relevant to your work at KI and follow the guidelines and rules for Karolinska Institutet's websites.

The content of the profile page

Mandatory contact information, will be sourced automatically from the KI staff database Kimkat.  

Name, function/title, organisational affiliation, department, telephone number, e-mail. 

Postal address, visiting address and delivery address (if applicable) is also visible.

Contact information is collected from our staff catalogue Kimkat. If there are information that need to be changed, please contact the Kimkat-administrator at your department. 

Optional content

You choose which fields to use. The visitor will only see completed headings/fields. 

  • Map
  • Photo
  • Summary
  • About me 
  • Research description 
  • Teaching portfolio
  • Education  
  • Academic prizes and awards
  • Upload document/s, CV
  • Links to research group, projects 
  • List of publications from KI Bibliometric Database
  • Links to video, links to presentations
  • Social links like Linkedin, Twitter
  • Space for news and calendar events on the website about you

See and edit profile pages

KI staff are  able to edit optional information (not collected from Kimkat) on their own page, using a form om the website.

At every department there are people (local main web editors) that also have access to the profile pages if needed. 

What can I prepare?

The main content of the profile page can be prepared in advance. 


You can prepare information about you in a regular text document and use it later to copy and paste into the profile page. If possible this information should be available in both English and Swedish for a better search result. Have a look at the draft at this page to see the headings. 


Think about possible links to research groups, unit, projects or other content connected to your work at KI.

You can also show links to videos or presentations.


A photo is optional. If used, it should be a portrait with a minimum size of 150 x 200 pixels (prefereably larger). Permission to use the image is needed.

List of publications

If you would like a list of your publications to be displayed, you will need to make som adjustments in KI Bibliometric Database. Instructions are available at KIB. Please note that there is a delay between changes in the database and when the publications appears on the profile page.


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