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The website for Karolinska Institutet, features "profile pages" for all co-workers.

A profile page is a page about you as a KI co-worker on It contains basic contact information, but it can also be extended with more information about your work.

The profile page shall contain information relevant to your work at KI and follow the guidelines and rules for Karolinska Institutet's websites.

You are responsible for the content of your profile page (contact information from Kimkat excluded). 

URL to the profile page for Swedish version (replace abcdef with your ki-id/login) for English version (replace abcdef with your ki-id/login).

Basic contact information

In its basic form, the profile contains contact information about you. The data is sourced automatically from the KI staff database Kimkat and can only be changed in that database. This contact information is sourced:

Name, function/title, organisational affiliation, department, telephone number, e-mail. Postal address, visiting address and delivery address (if applicable) is also visible.

If any basic contact information need to be changed, please contact the Kimkat-administrator at your department.

NOTE! In order for a profile page to appear on the website, you must have a KI email address filled in in Kimkat.

Extended content – optional information

The profile page can also be extended with more information about your background, your work, assignments and publications.

Updated profile pages will make it easier to get in touch with the right person and competence, for both external visitors and other staff. The profile page is usually the first hit of a search on your name via KI's search engine and often also the first hit when searching on, for example, Google.

Since the profile page is a presentation of yourself, it is advisable to use first person in body text.

News and calendar events about you can also be displayed on the profile page. This is determined by a web editor adding you in a news / calendar event.

Edit your profile page

Open a web browser and enter

NOTE! You cannot use Internet Explorer when you edit your profile page. Please use another browser.

Username field: Enter your ki-id

In Password field: Enter your password (the same as when you log in to your computer/email)

Click on Log in and you are now in the system.

The first time you log in you will come to a page where you click on the button "Klicka här för att komma igång" or "Click here to get started" if you visit the English page.

After that (and directly when you log in the next time) you will enter the page “För medarbetare vid KI” / “For staff at KI”.

Click on the link “Redigera din profilsida” / "Edit your profile page" to get to the web form.

You can prepare the information you wish to add in a separate document. In this way it is possible to make the changes quickly and the information is still available if, for example, the web browser is closed before you saved the changes.

You add all the information in the same form, but in different sections.  You only fill in the fields that you wish to be seen on your page.

There are one Swedish and one English version of each profile page, and you can switch language with a link on the page. We advise you not to use English in the Swedish version, and vice versa, because the context does not match.

Language neutral information

First, the form will contain language-neutral information which is as shown in the same way on both the Swedish and English version of the profile page.


A photo is optional. If you wish to upload an image, please ensure that:

  • It is in portrait format and represents you
  • It is at least 150 x 250 pixels resolution, preferably larger (system reduces it to the appropriate size)
  • You are entitled to use the image
  • Your name is included in the image file name.

Please ensure that you have saved the image so that you can access it from your computer. Click on the Upload button. You can now scroll forward to the image on your computer. Click on “Upload” and let the system upload the file.


Specify street, post code and locality of your workplace in the indicated fields.

A link to the map (from Google Maps) will then be shown in the right column of the page.

If you wish to remove the map then place a cross in the little box “Delete”, under the address field.

If the address is not correct on your profile page, try to make adjustments in Google Map Maker.

Social links

A place for link, for example, to one’s Linkedin profile or Twitter account.  The links end up in the right column of the page.

Title: Here you enter the name which the link is to have.

URL: Here you enter the link address.

Swedish/English profile information

Here you fill in information about yourself in Swedish/English.

Summary (Sammanfattning)

A text to summarise your work at KI. Max. 200 characters. The information is shown together with your name, title and portrait on top of of the page.

This text can also be used by a web editor in a contact card on other pages.

Text fields

There are a number of text fields in the form that function in the same way. They are only visible on the profile page when text is added.

Mark the text and click on the desired formatting. Use formatting sparingly.

About me (Om mig). Here you can place general information about yourself and what you work with at KI.

Research description (Forskningsbeskrivning). Here you can describe your research activities.

Teaching portfolio (Pedagogiska meriter). Here you can describe your teaching portfolio.

Education (Utbildning). Here you can add information on your education, degrees and diplomas etc. 

Academic honors, awards and prizes (Akademiska utmärkelser och priser). Here you can add information on academic honors and prizes.

Link in text field

Select a word or sentence in the text. Click the link icon. Paste your link address in the "URL" and press Save. The word/sentence should now be linked. To make an email link, first select the "e-mail" in the scroll bar "Link type". Then enter the email address.

You do not need to use the other tabs/functions.

Link to single publication

Enter the code [pubmed:XXXXX] in the text field and replace the XXX with the PubMed-ID found on the article. A linked reference is then created to the publication, which is seen when you save the page.

Please observe that a list of your publications can be displayed automatically, so pubmed-id is only to be used if there is a special publication that you wish to focus on. Read more at List of publications below.

Documents (Dokument)

Here you can upload a document, for example CV.  Permitted formats are pdf, doc and docxs.

Links (Länkar)

Here you can add links, for example to research groups, projects, departments or similar that you consider relevant for your profile page.

Title: Indicate the name of the link.

URL: Indicate the link’s address.

To add more links, click on the button “Add another item” and continue.

Additional profile information

Under this heading you can add presentations and films which in this case are shown in the right hand column.

Please note that no files are uploaded here, rather the files must be accessible on Youtube or Slideshare (or other site)

Embedded movies and presentations will normally not show when you are logged in, but will work when you visit the page "from the outside".

Presentations (Presentationer)

Show the presentation on the profile page by using the Embed code  "link-to-presentation" in the text field and add the link to the presentation. See example for video below.

There is also space for text-based information about the presentation/presentations, but this is not necessary.

Videos (Filmer)

Show film on the profile page through using the Embed code "link-to-media" in the text field. Add the link to the film, see example.

There is also space for text-based information about the film/films, but this is not necessary.


In order for the changes to be carried out, press on the “Save” button near the bottom of the page.  Make sure you do this regularly.

Sometimes, a message will appear that says "release the lock to edit the page". Then you need to click on the wheel at the top right of the message box to unlock the page and be able to save your changes.

Continue editing

If you look at your profile page when you are logged in, you can continue to edit by clicking on the wheel in the upper right corner. Select Edit to return to the form.

Log out

You log out from the form by clicking Log out and closing the browser.

List of publi​cations

If you would like a list of your publications to be displayed, you will need to make some adjustments in KI Bibliometric Database.

Instructions are available at KIB.

Please note that there is a delay between changes in the database and when the publications appears on the profile page.

Suggestions of development and improvements

Please send an e-mail to or contact your main local editor at the department.

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